Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Bolt Letter – Terry Kathol, Assistant Principal

As I write this message on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel I am moved to reflect on the prayer that concluded the meditation for this feast day. “Our Lady of Mount Carmel, through your example of humble docility to the will of God, we seek your intercession to make us more prayerful, more detached, more recollected, and more committed to whatever God asks of us.” As we plan for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year we are planning for a year that will begin like no other. A year that will most likely begin with more questions, concerns, and worries than any typical year. It is during these times where we have the opportunity to be children of the resurrection, praying for God’s guidance and look to Him as a source of calming reassurance. Although we may still have strong emotions regarding the beginning of the school year, we know that through the guidance of prayer we will have a reassurance brought to us by prayer.

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. As you most likely aware, Pius X has made the decision to require masks of all students and staff during the school year. This decision was made after consultation with the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department as well as several members of the health care community. Although there are many opinions about the wearing of masks the end decision by the administration of Pius X was guided by two principles. Wearing masks allows us to offer the greatest protection to the students and staff that will be in our building every day. Although we cannot guarantee that students and staff will not get COVID, we can greatly prevent the spread of COVID in our school helping keep all of our families safe. Universal mask wearing allows the least amount of disruption in the teaching and learning at Pius. By wearing masks we have the best chance to keep teachers and students in our building, giving students the best opportunity to learn and our teachers the best opportunity to work with our students academically. Pius will continue to provide guidance regarding the wearing of masks.

We have several new people coming to Pius this year. We especially welcome Missy Kinzie and Heather Scheffler who are the new administrative assistants in the main office. They are replacing Georgia and Jolene who leave a long legacy at Pius. We also welcome Holly Poole who will be the administrative assistant in the Counseling Center. We are excited for all of the new staff that will be at Pius this next school year.

We are looking forward to the return of our students and staff into the Pius school building. We have definitely missed their presence with the excitement and enthusiasm they bring. Although this school year may start different than most we know that excitement will still be present. Your prayers for Pius, our students and staff continue to be important and are always an uplifting presence.