Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Audrey Aschoff


Parents: Timothy and Linda Aschoff
School(s) attended K-8: St. Peter’s
Favorite place on campus: I enjoy being outside the LPAC. There we ate lunch most days, hung out on the swing, played hacky sack, jumped rope, and played four (or six) square. It was a fun place to build up our senior class community.
Activities at Pius X: Student Council, Spectrum Varsity Show Choir, Concert Choir, Ambassadors Leadership Team,…

What is/was your favorite class at Pius X, and why?

I loved AcaDeca because I learned so much and then applied the knowledge at scrimmages and on our many trips. AcaDeca gave me my best friends and a larger world view.

How has your faith impacted your education, or how has your education impacted your faith?

My faith impacts my education because I look on everything in a moral light rather than just rules. My education taught me to see the faith not as a set of rules but rather moral truths and guidelines with purpose behind every one.

What are you most proud of about your time at Pius X?

I am most proud of how well our class got along. Seeing some of the other grades I worry, but I think we genuinely like (or some people may at least tolerate) everyone in this senior class. We got a good one!

Where are your plans after high school (college, military, job, etc.)? What do you plan to study?

I will be going to UNL undecided because at this point I think I would be happy in any career!
Audrey Aschoff