Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Kate Linderman


Parents: Karen Linderman
School(s) attended K-8: Cathedral
Favorite place on campus: Aldrich Field was my second home. Whether it was during soccer season, Friday night football, taking photos, summer workouts, or pick up leagues, some of my best memories were on that field. It’s also where I met my best friends.
Activities at Pius X: Soccer Band (Freshman-Junior year) Yearbook (Senior year) Newspaper (junior and senior year)

What is/was your favorite class at Pius X, and why?

Journalism- because of this class I decided to study journalism in college

How has your faith impacted your education, or how has your education impacted your faith?

The theology classes didn’t just teach us what to believe but why we should believe and grow closer to Christ.

What are you most proud of about your time at Pius X?

I got second in sports feature writing at state journalism this past April.

Where are your plans after high school (college, military, job, etc.)? What do you plan to study?

I will be attending DePaul University in Chicago to study journalism.
Kate Linderman