Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Anna Shonka


Parents: Gregg and Amy Shonka
School(s) attended K-8: St. Mary’s
Favorite place on campus: I enjoyed being in the Lpac with my friends making tik toks. Talking to friends in the commons and hallway’s.
Activities at Pius X: Color Guard

What is/was your favorite class at Pius X, and why?

My favorite class was Theology because there was a lot of interesting people in there and I was never bored.

How has your faith impacted your education, or how has your education impacted your faith?

Being in a Catholic school I got to learn more about God and how to deepen my faith.

What are you most proud of about your time at Pius X?

Making tons of new and life long friends.

Where are your plans after high school (college, military, job, etc.)? What do you plan to study?

I plan to attend SCC and then hopefully move onto a 4year college
Anna Shonka

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