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The Pius X uniform dress code emphasizes self-esteem along with respect for others and for the learning process, which is our shared responsibility. In accord with our educational goals, Pius requires that students take reasonable care of their daily appearance. This helps develop positive habits and good attitudes toward self and the social environment.

Uniform Dress Code Policy

The purpose of a uniform dress code in a school is to help the students feel good about themselves and their environment. School is a place for learning, and we expect students to come to school dressed for the business of learning. We hope that being neatly dressed will help our students gain confidence in themselves and their ability. All uniform clothing must be purchased from the Pius X uniform shop or the Dennis Uniform Company ( school code PPK).

General Appearance

We are “temples of the Holy Spirit, God dwelling within.” Our appearance should reflect this conviction. The following guidelines apply to any student representing Pius in any capacity.

  • All clothing should be neat and clean.
  • All students should be neatly groomed.
  • All students must visibly wear a school issued student identification card during the school day.
  • Boys MUST BE clean-shaven.
  • Hair on boys should not reach below the collar or the sides extend below the middle of the ear. Sideburns may not extend below the middle of the ear.
  • Judgment on any extreme or faddish hair styles are at the discretion of the Administration.
  • Non-natural hair colors will not be permitted. For example, green, purple, blue, etc.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.
  • Excessive jewelry, makeup, visible writing on the body or body piercing is not permitted.
  • Nose, tongue, eyebrow rings, etc. are not acceptable. Band-Aids cannot be used to cover up these types of rings.
  • Earrings or earring plugs (gauges) on boys are not acceptable. Gauges on girls are not acceptable.
  • Wallet chains are unacceptable.


Polo-Banded bottom only (white, navy, forest green). Any long sleeved shirts worn under the polo can be any color as long as they are one so lid color and free of lettering or advertisements. Shirts worn under the polo must not stick out below the banded bottom. Embroidered Pius X logos are acceptable. Sweaters – green or navy, crew neck or v-neck cardigan sweater can be purchased through the Dennis Uniform Company

Sweatshirt – only green and gray sweatshirts sold at the Pius X uniform shop are allowed.

Jacket – only the blue quarter-zip jacket or gray full zip jacket sold at the Pius X uniform shop, or the approved black fleece are allowed 


Only the approved Dennis Uniform plaid skirts are allowed and must be purchased through the Dennis Uniform Company. Skirts may not be rolled at the waist and, if altered, must extend to the top of the knee. Tights of one solid color may be worn under skirts. Fishnet style tights are not allowed.

Shorts and Slacks

  • Cutting or slitting the side hem is not acceptable.
  • Frayed bottoms are not acceptable.
  • Shorts may not be rolled down at the waist.
  • If altered, shorts must extend to the top of the knee.
  • Girls may wear tights of one solid color under shorts. Fishnet style tights are not allowed.


  • Tennis shoes or dress shoes are allowed. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.
  • Sandals must be dress-style only. No sports sandals, thongs or flip-flops are allowed.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.


Jackets, coats, hooded sweatshirts, non-uniform sweatshirts and hats are not to be worn in the classroom/building. Students may purchase a blue quarter-zip or gray full zip from the Pius uniform shop that can be worn throughout the day, as well as the approved black fleece. A uniform polo must be worn underneath the full zip options of the gray jacket or black fleece.


The student ID must be worn on a lanyard around the neck during the school day.

Spirit Day/Week

To celebrate special days or support our athletics, Pius X students will occasionally celebrate with spirit days throughout the school year. There are two weeks, Homecoming Week and Catholic Schools Week, when students are permitted to be out of uniform if they choose to participate according to each day’s stated guidelines. The dress code during these weeks will be announced and expected to be followed, keeping in mind that for issues of modesty there is ALWAYS a minimum expectation of following the guidelines outlined in our policy for dress at informal dances.

Uniform Violation Procedures

Violations of the dress code may result in demerits, loss of privileges, detentions, and/or behavior contract. At the discretion of the administration, students who are not in compliance may also be required to remain in the office until the problem can be rectified. The following are options for a student that has been sent to the office for a uniform violation not immediately correctable:
1. The student may contact someone to bring appropriate clothing, or a parent may give permission to a school official for the student to drive home to fix the infraction.
2. The student may borrow appropriate clothing from another student without interrupting a class (during passing period). If this occurs during a passing period, the student must return to the office prior to going to the next class.
3. At that moment, students will not be able to purchase appropriate clothing from the uniform shop during school. Allowing this puts an undue burden on families who do not have as much financial means as others.

*** Our goal is to return the student to class as quickly as possible; however, the time that is missed cannot be made up. We feel that it is a conscious decision for a student to be in uniform. By choosing to not be in uniform, the student has consciously decided to not be able to be in class; because this becomes an unexcused absence, a student may receive a detention.

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