Yearbook Senior Picture and Baby Ads

Submission Requirements

  • We prefer the electronic submission directly from your photographer in a JPEG format, but we will accept hard copies as well. TO SUBMIT: Go to, select Pius X, and then click “Community Upload” at the top of the page.  Use the access code PXYB2020 and you can submit your senior photo and baby photo at the same time or in separate submissions.  We need at least 600 KB sized files (the bigger, the better up to 10MB), vertical images, and please no cell phone images (these will look grainy or pixelated in the yearbook).  The images will be approximately 2” wide and 3” tall in the year book, but yearbook staff members will crop the photos for uniformity.
  • Senior pictures – The deadline for senior pictures to be published in the 2019-2020 Yearbook is October 25, 2019.  We may not accept late photos.
  • Baby pictures are required for all seniors for the senior video at no cost. The deadline is Friday, October 25.
  • Baby ads are optional for parents to submit for placement in the yearbook. Submit a check for $35.00 and a message of no more than 25 words. The baby photo submitted for the senior video will be used unless other instructions are provided. If the Yearbook Staff does not receive the check, picture, and message by Friday, October 25, the ad will not be placed.

Hard copy pictures will be accepted. They will be scanned at school and returned to the student. High-resolution digital files will also be accepted.
Do not scan your own photos or use pictures from phones as this may result in blurred images. Low quality photos may not even transfer to the book, or you may not be happy with the result if the transfer is successful.

Dress Requirements For All Senior Pictures

In order for your child to be pictured in a flattering and dignified way in their senior yearbook, we are asking that you adhere to the following requirements. All students must be dressed following these guidelines for the class pictures sections of the Thunderer Yearbook:

  • Boys and Girls:
    • All pictures should be a head and shoulders type of pose. Hands may be folded and included in the pictures if there are no symbolic gestures of any kind. We do not allow words or symbols on clothing.  We will not accept pictures of students in Pius X uniforms and jackets. Pictures with facial hair, any piercing, tattoos or hats are not acceptable.
  • Girls:
    • Tops or dresses must reach the neckline with no obvious cleavage. No words or symbols on clothing.
    • Shoulders must be covered.
    • Piercing, tattoos, tank tops, and hats are not acceptable.
  • Boys:
    • Suits or sport coats with long neckties or bowties.
    • Sport shirts (polo shirts) with top button open; turtlenecks, v-neck sweaters with shirts or crew neck sweaters.
    • No words or symbols on clothing.
    • Facial hair, piercing, tattoos, tank tops, and hats are not acceptable.

Free pictures – The yearbook staff wants everyone to be represented.  If for any reason you are unable to use a professional photographer, we would love to take your picture.  Please contact Mr. DeWispelare at and make an appointment with our staff.

We are are not ordering extra yearbooks this year, so only those who pre-order will receive a yearbook when they arrive at the beginning of August. Be sure to get your order in early so you can check it off your list. Yearbooks are $70 during the first semester and $75 after Christmas.