Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

nolan dewispelare why I teach
Why I Teach at Pius X

Nolan DeWispelare tennis coach speech and journalism teacherNolan DeWispelare

Subject: English/Journalism/Speech

College(s) Attended: Doane University (undergrad and masters)

Years taught / at Pius X: 11 / 11

Why I teach

I had some great teachers/advisers/coaches in high school who really impacted my life in a positive way. My hope is that I can be a positive part of someone’s day and high school experience just like those teachers were for me.

Why I teach at Pius X

Pius X is big enough to offer a tremendous number of activities and opportunities for our students, while still holding onto the close-knit feeling of a smaller school. I am able to teach/sponsor/coach things that I’m passionate about, which makes each day enjoyable for me as well.

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