Students hold their own Prom amid COVID-19 cancellations

The corona virus affects everyone and has affected events students were looking forward to.

Junior Claire Sobansky said, “I was really bummed out about Prom getting cancelled, I was excited to have one last dance with all my senior friends and see everyone in their dresses.

John Krasinski created a virtual prom for the Class of 2020. Krasinski was also the DJ. The Prom was also joined by Chance the Rapper, another office star Rainn Wilson, Bille Eilish and The Jonas Brothers. Even thou the virtual Prom wasn’t traditional it still gave seniors opportunities to make memories

Junior Mikayla Fowler made the best of the situation and had her own Prom with junior Gracyn Scott on May 3.

Fowler said, “In order to have my own Prom I got together with my best friend and we got all dressed up and drove out to Wilderness Ridge to see a beautiful waterfall. Gracyn’s sister followed and began to take pictures of us.”

Many parents have also taken the opportunity to help their seniors. All over social media, parents can be seen surprising their kids by decorating their house to make it at home Prom. Many parents have dressed up themselves to dance with their kids and make the best of the situation.

Scott said, “I was upset about Prom getting cancelled. I know I will have one next year but the Student Council juniors were in the planning process for the dance and were excited about the theme.”