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Construction continues to move along on new addition

construction classroom addition

Construction continues to move along on new addition

Author: Lucy Koenig, News/Opinion Editor Xchange


Progress has been made on the addition construction that was announced last September during the annual grandparents and founder’s day celebration. It is a $5.5 million project set to be finished in the summer of 2019.

The addition is fixed to include 16 new classrooms which will allow more space for incoming students.

“Move in dates from a year out are always kind of sketchy, you never know what can happen,” principal Tom Korta said. “A lot can happen between here and there to slow it down or speed it up, but we expect to be able to move in for sure in time to start using that space for next fall.”

The much needed addition will be comprised of a variety of classes. These include a new industrial arts classroom with an adjacent computer lab, named in honor of the first industrial arts teacher at Pius X, Monsignor Ivan Vapp. A new Family and Consumer Sciences area with more storage space will be incorporated. Also included in the addition will be an ensemble room for the rapidly growing music department.

“I am excited for the addition because it will open up more opportunities for members of the choir department,” sophomore Emmalee Cockerill said.

The ensemble can be used for sectionals in choir or for classes like Music Appreciation that do better in a traditional classroom setting.

Finally, three new art classrooms will be added. The previous classroom held every type of art class offered at Pius X. Soon, there will be separate classrooms for Ceramics and Art Fundamentals as well as one for Painting and Drawing.

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, students noticed some changes. The unfinished A Street sidewalk was an unexpected inconvenience.

Portable air conditioners had to be brought into the school in the early morning hours of the first day to all the classrooms in the 160 and 260 hallways.

“I have Mr. Moser and we have to turn off the air conditioner to hear our speeches. We have to give up our comfort to be able to listen,” sophomore Alexis Markowski said.

Heating is being installed, causing the upstairs hallway between the 260 and 250 hallways to be closed off. It is estimated to take up to two to three weeks to properly install. This was an expected inconvenience, as is the parking situation.

Much of the west parking lot has been taken up by construction, and students can often be heard voicing their complaints.

“We’re pretty accustomed as a school to everybody being able to get parking. For a long time, this was not the case,” Korta said.

He is referring to the current area of construction before it was bought. At that time, not even all the seniors and juniors were guaranteed a parking space.

“We knew long term we weren’t going to keep the parking,” Korta said. “The reason we bought that property was so we could build out and keep expanding our building.”

But with these few inconveniences come many rewards. The addition will add ease to many teachers’ work days. At the moment, many teachers have to move from classroom to classroom to teach. With the new addition, very few teachers will have to move around based on preliminary numbers run with this year’s master schedule.

Having a new space at Pius X may bring new ideas and forms of learning that were not previously available.

Korta is most excited about the design of the addition.

“I think it’s going to be a bright and open space. There are some design features, that as they are talking about how to finish the space, I think are really going to reflect our mission as a school.”

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construction classroom addition

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