Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Moore continues Wall of Fame tradition in Room 2108

Accounting and business teacher Jake Moore has been putting up “The Wall of Pius X Fame” in his classroom each year.
Moore started this project 8-10 years ago.

“I began it as a personal item to promote all things positive with Pius X in the newspaper,” Moore said.

Even though he enjoys doing this, it does not mean that it is easy.

“I feel that I get behind and then spend time completing it on the weekends. It is time consuming, but it is fun to see students get excited and a sense of pride when they see themselves up on the wall,” Moore said.

Moore’s main source of motivation that keeps him going with this project is the fact that each year is a new source of students, staff and school accolades, and he admits that it is quite fun.

Of course, the project that he has been doing is very important not just to him, but even the students he teaches.

“It is a yearly sense of pride in the fact that we start fresh and new every year and it fills up quite quickly with all things Pius,” he said.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Andy Truong

Staff Writer

Photographer: Nolan DeWispelare