Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Anatomy students dissect fetal pigs

Pius X junior and senior anatomy students dissected pigs last Friday, April 1.

“My junior and senior anatomy students are dissecting fetal pigs,” science teacher Jenna Steenson said.

The students worked in a small group of three or four and dissected the pig together.

“We are dissecting fetal pigs to observe the systems of the body we discussed earlier in the year,” junior Whitney Tomes said.

The pigs are the last dissection of the year for the students.

“We applied and got to visualize everything we have talked and studied in class so far,” senior MaryAnn Huebner said.

Junior Lucy McCabe felt that the dissecting was intriguing.

“I was a little queasy, but I thought it was interesting,” she said. “I enjoyed it and want to go into the medical career when I am older.”

Students had to extract, remove and identify parts of their pigs.

“I want my students to get to see the systems of the body we studied,” Steenson said. “I am hoping that they will get to see how the systems are interconnected and that they will see the physiology.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Easton Beekman

Staff Writer

Photographer: Easton Beekman

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