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Annual fall retreat provides spiritual, inspiring experience

Author: Olivia Parr, Staff Writer, Xchange

Every year, Pius X students are given the opportunity to attend the Fall Retreat. This two-day long event, in which the students of Pius X are given the chance to grow closer to God, occurs every fall.

There were around 150 students,and twenty chaperones. It was held at camp Kataki this year.

The purpose of this retreat is for students to build their relationships with God and with each other, through prayer and varied activities.

“The best part was adoration, because it really gave me some good prayer and thought to bring silence into my chaotic life,” junior Austyn Kreikemeier said.

More than half of the students present expressed similar thoughts about adoration, saying that it gave them so much peace, and so much honest emotion. Throughout the retreat, students listened to several talks and reflected on each.

Senior Alysha Reinhardt said,  “The talks were a very important source of inspiration and reflection for everyone, including myself. The whole event was fun, wholesome, holy, and all around enjoyable.”

The students were present for five talks, given by five inspiring people. Four of them were given by teachers or other adults, while the final talk of the weekend was given by a student, Hanna Hoage.

The talk she gave was an inspirational discussion about living in tough situations such as a serious accident she was in, and relying on God despite the hardships.

“Because of everything I went through, my relationships with God and with my brother have grown stronger,” she said.

On the entire weekend experience, sophomore Sophi Throener Rodriguez said, “The retreat was really unplanned for me but going felt like a huge breath of fresh air and a step back from reality. It was a good break, and the talks and adoration gave me a very new view on some things.”

The weekend was full of time spent with people and God. The time was also spent learning valuable lessons, and receiving inspiration to act in God’s way. This year’s theme was the call to action that each baptized Christian has.

At the end of the retreat, students were given a chance to talk to the group about what they learned and what they took away from the weekend.

“This weekend has given me so much to look forward to in my life. It helped reaffirm my hope in my inspirational Instagram account,” senior James Kruml said.

Kruml runs an Insaram account called wall_of_sunshine. He said that it was a scary thing for him to do, and that the inspirational quotes he posts every day are a source of light to himself and several of his peers.

Overall, the students who attended the retreat found it to be a necessary and welcome break from life, and a good way to reinstate their beliefs and strength in the faith.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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