Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

AP test procedures change

Students have had to face new challenges with online learning, one of those being Advanced Placement courses and the AP Exams.

College Board gave students the option to opt out of taking the exam as well as getting a refund due to Covid-19, and for some that seemed like a better option during this stressful time.

Senior Meredith Gamet chose not to take the AP exam for her AP Human Geography class.

“With everything changing on top of the stress of senior year, I knew I didn’t need the added pressure of the exam,” Gamet said.

Other students though, have taken on the added pressure.

Junior Colleen O’Gara has been preparing for her AP U.S. History exam that will be on May 15.

“I have been watching a lot of review videos and taking a few practice tests,” O’Gara said.

With online learning, College Board made recorded AP review lessons to help students prepare for test day.

However, the changes for the exam can be nerve wracking according to O’Gara.

“I am nervous for the [AP U.S. History] exam because it all depends on one question. It is stressful to study so many different time periods in a lot of depth,” she said.

Junior Claire Sobansky is taking two AP exams this year, AP Statistics as well as A.P U.S History.

“We’re allowed to use any notes that we’ve taken for the class so I’m really making sure all my notes are accurate and thorough,” Sobansky said. “I’m also making sure that they’re well organized, so I know where to find whatever information I’ll need!”

While she is stressed for the tests, she says that she feels prepared for what could be on the exams.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Maddie Ames

Features Editor

Photographer: Colleen O'Gara