Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

April ACT cancelled because of COVID-19

ACT recently announced that the next exam, previously scheduled for April 4 is cancelled nationwide due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Those registered to take the exam on that day are able to take it on either June 13 or July 18, free of charge. The announcement was made on their website, and an email was sent to all registered test takers.

“We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but we have made this decision out of concern for the health and safety of you, other students, and our testing staff, which is our primary concern,” ACT said.

The June 13 and July 18 tests were already on the schedule for exam dates. This means that incoming seniors will be shorted an opportunity to take the test.

Many juniors at Pius X were registered to take the exam. Some are glad that they have more time to prepare.

“I hadn’t really studied yet, and I was going to try to cram everything in the next two weeks, but now I have two more months to study,” junior Maria Sweeney said.

Others are worried because they won’t be able to take the exam as many times as they wanted.

“I was signed up for the April ACT and now they’re postponing it until June,” junior Anna Coffey said. “It’s frustrating because I wanted to take both.”

Many students try to take the exam as many times until they achieve their desired score. For those who will start applying for college and scholarships, an updated score is required.

“ACT is committed to making every effort to help students impacted by this test date change, particularly seniors facing college application deadlines for this fall,” ACT said.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Lucy Koenig

Staff Writer

Photographer: Lucy Koenig