Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Online learning has positive effect on many students’ grades

Online schooling, because of the coronavirus, has had a positive effect on many student’s grades.

Pius X locked the doors in March due to the threat of Covid-19. Initially it was thought that school would only be closed for a few days, but it quickly turned into the remainder of the school year.

The students and teachers were forced to adapt to a new way of learning and teaching.

Many students quickly realized that this new way of schooling and routine could improve their grades.

Freshman Whitney Tomes said, “I love online schooling because I can get more things done in a timely manner. My grades have been mainly staying the same but have been going up a little bit.”

With online schooling, there is more flexibility and less distraction. Students usually are at school for around seven hours per day plus time spent at extracurricular activities. This often left studying and homework until late in the evenings when the students were already exhausted and having a hard time concentrating.

Freshman Quinn Sullivan said, “I like online schooling because there is less stress. My grades are actually improving, and I can concentrate better without having so many other things on my mind.”

Less stress and more free time has led many to feel like the unexpected closing of the school building has actually turned into a welcomed change.

Even though the change has been nice, students would still prefer to have things back to normal and to be able to see their friends.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Ava Chmelka

Staff Writer