Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Pius X students step up for blood drive

On November 6, Pius X had their annual blood drive for Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

Student Council sponsor Susan Kelly, who oversaw the blood drive, said, “The people at the blood bank gave us a goal and Pius X students filled the slots.”

This year, Pius X had 60 students donate.

Senior Aaron Vrbka donated blood for the cause.

“I donated because I’ve always seen people do it and I liked the idea of helping other people out in a small way,” he said.

Kelly said, “It is important to donate because the blood bank is always low, and we have a lot of recipients from accidents. Blood drives account for 1/3 of the blood collected by Nebraska blood bank.”

This year, Pius X had a healthy competition with Lincoln East High School called the “Kings of A Street Challenge”. The winner gets a traveling trophy between the two schools.

Pius X will have another blood donation in March.

Vrbka said, “If you’re thinking about donating absolutely do it. It’s helping someone bigger than yourself. You could be helping someone you don’t even know. It was really worth it to go through a tiny little bit of pain to potentially save someone else. And it made me feel better throughout the day.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Joslyn Oglesby

Staff Writer

Photographer: Joslyn Oglesby