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PxK Reading Challenge comes to a close

The PxK Reading Challenge ended on Friday, April 20. The competition started September 1 and consisted of 21 teams and 6 individual readers. The people who participated ranged from students, teachers, staff, and alumni and each team could have up to five members.

Sophomore Alberto Cobian won first place with 141,844 pages read.

Sophomore Ruth Cunningham was a member of the runner up team Lost in Plot and was surprised and pleased with the number of pages her team read.

“I wasn’t expecting to have that many especially since last year the highest number anyone had wasn’t even that high,” Cunningham said.

This challenge was created to help promote reading among the Pius X community and so any type of reading qualifies – physical books, audio, graphic novels, required reading, etc.

The hardest part of the challenge according to Cunningham was remembering to log pages.

“I would read a million books and then forget to log pages for all the books I read, so I didn’t log as many pages as I could have,” Cunningham said.

Throughout the year librarian Erin Willis noted that interest seemed to be high at the start and end of the year, but not so much the middle.

“There was a lot of reporting page numbers in the very first few weeks and then throughout the first semester people were reporting less often, than there was kind of a drop off this semester and then at the very end we saw huge numbers,” Willis said.

Even though interest in the program fluctuated throughout the year, Willis would still have students come and talk about the challenge with her.

“I would see people post pages, but people would also come and talk to me about how many books they read, and they would be excited to reach their own personal benchmarks,” Willis said.

Not only was this challenge rewarding for the participants, but it was also useful for Willis.

“Part of this program is self-serving because I get to see what students are reading and some books will show up over and over and then I know that it’s something that I need to check out,” Willis said. “This is how I create my own reading list is by seeing the books that other people are reading, whether they’re turning them in for page numbers or whether they are checking them out and returning them.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Ziyal McArthur

Entertainment Editor

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