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St. Nick at Night event offers fun opportunity for families

As people started to file into the commons at Pius X, there was one thing everyone had in mind.

They were ready to celebrate St. Nick during the Foundation Department’s annual St. Nick at Night event.

The celebration started at 5:30 pm right on the dot and it started fast.

The line designated to meet with St. Nick was already full, leaving others to wait and watch other children get their pictures taken and, of course, receive candy canes.

Of course, we can’t forget about the cookies and the coloring activities for the children.

The scent of cookies filled the air and as if on cue the children started to rush towards the treats ready to devour as much sugar as they possibly could.

Then you could hear hundreds of crayons scribbling away at the coloring worksheets the children had invested in.

In time, more and more people started to file in, both parents who wanted their child to have a fun time and the students who came to spend some time with their friends and family.

While the party was escalating and was full of energy and sugar, the Pius X choir came in to sing many Christmas carols.

As the commons were filled with songs, sugar, colors, hot chocolate and children, the party started to die down.

After a performance from the choir in the front of the commons, people started to wind down and go home.

“I thought it was pretty fun, I got to meet people and my kids were able to play with others,” said one parent.

The kids also felt like the celebration was a success.

“I really liked the cookies, they were pretty good,” said one child.

All and all the celebration was a great time for people to celebrate St. Nick and have their kids have some fun.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Andy Truong

Staff Writer

Photographer: Andy Truong

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