Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Student Council hosts first prom dress sale

Author: Addie O’Meara, staff writer, Xchange

The Pius X Student Council hosted its first ever prom dress sale for anyone in Lincoln in search of a good deal.

Senior student body vice president Kendall Scott was the mastermind behind the entire project.

“This summer I was already thinking towards prom and I realized that there are many girls who don’t have younger siblings or are the only girl in their family where their dress won’t be worn again,” Scott said. “They have dresses sitting in their closet, and I thought ‘why not create an opportunity for those girls to either come and sell a dress or have girls buy a dress for a cheaper price and save a little money’.”

The event was publicized with posters around the school for months in advance and informational announcements were made in the few weeks prior to the event.

Nicole Russman, parent of Student Council member Abbie Russman, said, “I think it is a fabulous idea to give a lot of kids an opportunity to go dress shopping and I think it’s turning out pretty well for its first year.”

Junior Rosie Lang brought a dress in for sale and ultimately bought one for herself.

“I think [the dress sale] can bring in a lot of money for Student Council but it also encourages people to bring in because they make some profit off of it, which is really nice,” Lang said. “It’s good to know that the dresses aren’t just being worn once after tons of money is spent on them but they’re being reused and people are loving them twice.”

The entire event was promoted as a place where people can bring in any dresses they want to sell, determine a reasonable price for them and then wait for someone to buy the dress. Once sold, Student Council kept a small amount of the profit, but the seller kept the majority.

Junior Student Council member Maggie Barie said, “You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a magical night at prom.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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