Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Student Council Participates In Red Sand Project

By Chloe Barrett, X-Change Entertainment Editor

On April 28, members of the Pius X Student Council participated in an activist art project called The Red Sand Project, which challenges people to think about and act against the vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking.

Bright red sand was placed into the cracks of sidewalks in front of the school to represent the people who have fallen through the “cracks” of human trafficking, especially those victims who disappear and are never heard from again.

“Student Council’s red sand projects hope to inspire others to be advocates for all of those who are victims of human trafficking,” senior Student Council vice president Kendall Scott said.

Pius X Student Council president Kloee Sander chose the Red Sand Project as the cause the school stands for this school year.

Sander heard about the Red Sand Project and its success from a girl she met at Girls State over the summer.

“From there, I did a bunch of research, discussed it with the seniors on Student Council, got it passed by administration, and then had the 75 pounds of sand delivered,” Sander stated.

Human trafficking ensnares around 14,500-17,500 people per year and there are about 40 million slaves in the world today.

Sander explained that she wants all Pius X students to be faced with the real facts and numbers of human trafficking, even if they are a little scary. She believes that with our students being aware and educated maybe we can save a life.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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