Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Students benefit from Apply to College day

Pius X students attended Apply to College day, put on by the Pius X guidance counselors on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Senior McKenzie Schmid attended the event during her off period, during which she had the time to apply to one college.

“I had a preferred student application for the school I applied to, so I only had to fill out a questionnaire about myself and submit it along with my transcript. It didn’t take me very long at all,” Schmid said.

Students were informed of the event through their guidance counselors and posters that were hung around the school.

School counselor intern Chris Jacobsen has been helping with the Apply to College event for two years now.

“I think that the event involves camaraderie and gets students together, talking and getting excited about college. It also is a starting point for a lot of kids,” Jacobsen said.

Many students started their application process during the event, but will have to finish at home with the resources and knowledge they learned at school.

Senior Thomas Dinh said, “Apply to College day was like a tutorial and I could utilize what I learned today to be more prepared to apply to other colleges as well.”

The event was beneficial for students for several reasons.

“[Apply to College day] was helpful because I didn’t know how to send my transcript and they helped me with that,” Schmid said.

According to Jacobsen, well over 100 students attended the event in total.

The event’s main purpose is to quell students’ fears surrounding the college application process and help them feel more prepared.

Dinh said, “I felt very nervous about the application process but being able to receive help from the counselors made the process a lot easier. I had many questions and I needed a guiding hand in my application process.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Addie O'Meara

Co-Editor in Chief

Photographer: Addie O'Meara