Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Students preparing for final exams, projects

Even though teachers aren’t required to give a final exam, some sort of comprehensive assignment is still required for courses that are not exempt.

“‘Courses that are not exempt from finals’ is an internal reference. Almost all courses are required to have a final, though some performance classes and project-based classes are exempt from giving them. Your teacher will let you know if there is a final assignment,” principal Tom Korta wrote in an email to students and parents.

Most students still have finals in their core subjects.

For some classes, instead of having a final exam, they are having a comprehensive paper or assignment.

“I have one final test for sure. Most of my classes are doing assignments,” junior Claire Liliedahl said.

Students are finding it challenging to learn the material and study for finals without in-person help from teachers.

“It’s been harder to know what the teacher actually wants us to learn or take away from the material,” junior Emmalee Cockerill concluded.

Without in-person contact, students cannot have a conversation about topics they do not understand.

“It is one hundred percent harder without in-person help from teachers,” freshman Bridget Nickman said.

While some students are not enjoying the change, others are not finding it difficult.

“It’s not super hard to study without their help in person because most of my studying in the past was on my own anyways. Also, I can always ask a question whenever I want over email,” Liliedahl said.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Stacie Thompson

Staff Writer

Photographer: Stacie Thompson