Bolt bowlers strike out at District tournament

Author: Meredith Gamet, Staff Writer, Xchange

The Pius X boys and girls varsity bowling teams played at Districts in Lexington and Grand Island on October 18th. The teams placed fifth and sixth overall and did not make the cut for the Class A state tournament.

Nate Gibbs, a sophomore, expressed his excitement going into Districts at Lexington.

boys bowling“I was feeling pretty good, I was thinking we were going to win,” he said.

Gibbs described how he was feeling extremely confident during the match, even when things didn’t look too good.
“Never lose faith,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs admitted that they needed to work more on spares and other things similar to that. He wasn’t the only one who agreed with that statement.

Freshman Alex Folbrecht, talked about how spares were the biggest issue after his first year.

“We were told at the beginning of the year it would come down to picking up spares, and we couldn’t do that all year,” Folbrecht said.

However, Folbrecht said he wasn’t going to let this past season influence the next.

Senior Layla Nguyen, spoke about going into Districts at Grand Island for the first time.

“At our conference the top four get to go to State, and we were ranked fifth going into the tournament so we had a pretty good chance,” she said.

Nguyen explained how at the beginning of match they were in the top four, but the second game didn’t go as well.

“The bowling alley was a bit different than what we were used to. Every alley is different of course, but this one threw us off,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen explained how the expectations were high because of the ranking. The team they had to beat was only 100 pins ahead.

“If we would’ve gotten those 100 pins, we probably would have made it,” she said.

With this being Nguyen’s first and last year of bowling, she was still happy she did it.

“I think I really improved from not being a competitive bowler, learned a lot of new skills,” she said.

Overall, Nguyen thought State was very fun and really easy, along with a great coaching system.

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