Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Bolts beat Marian in top 5 battle

The Thunderbolts took on the Marian Crusaders in a battle of top 5 volleyball teams on Thursday.

Before the game even started you could tell both teams were ready to win. Every one of the players were warming up and had the longing of victory in their eyes.

Senior varsity player Lauren Taubenheim said, “We were all a little nervous before the game because we know Marian is a really good team.”

Marian was up to serve first and the serves kept coming and coming.

The score was 4-1 with Marian in the lead, but Pius X wasn’t going down that easily.

Marian made a mistake and gave Pius X the serve, making the score 4-2.

After many dives, hits, sets and spikes, Pius X took the first set 25-17.

After a side switch and strategic talk, both teams were ready for set two.

After a lengthy first few points, Marian was in the lead 5-1.

Suddenly, Pius X pulled through Marian’s tough hits and got back into the set.

Pius X got even with Marian 9-9, then they pushed for the lead.

Pius X was now 12-10, but Marian was quickly catching up.

The score was tied at 23-23 as the Bolts called a timeout.

After a fierce point, a timeout was called because a Marian player was injured, but the situation was cleared and the game continued.

The score was 24-23 and the Thunderbolts needed one more point to end the match.

A Marian player saved the ball from dropping to the floor and the Pius X players didn’t see the move coming and the ball started stumbling down towards their side of the court.

In a desperate attempt to keep the ball up in the air, a Pius X player dove for the ball and got a successful knock up.

Then came the spike, the ball seemed in slow motion and when it hit the ground it was over.

Pius X won the second set beating Marian 25-23.

After the tough match, junior middle blocker Alexis Markowski said, “I think we all played really well together. We all executed our game plan together, our defense was really good and I think the energy of the game was really hype which got us to run and got us to score more points.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Andy Truong

Staff Writer

Photographer: Andy Truong