Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Winter sport tryouts bring first-time jitters for freshmen

Author: Sara Kreikemeier, Staff Writer, Xchange

November 12 was the start of winter sports, and for many it was their first time trying out for a sport.

During the off season, many of these student athletes could be seen at conditioning preparing for their debut on the Pius X courts.

Conditioning involves weight lifting, agility and endurance drills, and practicing skills during open gym to strengthen their abilities. Conditioning gave students the time to become more confident in their moves and gave them a glance at what the season ahead of them would look like.

Freshman Dylan Kluthe said, “It wasn’t my favorite but it definitely prepared me for tryouts.”

Not only did these athletes prepare physically but also mentally. They tried to be confident in what they were doing and gave themselves little pep talks to boost their spirits in times of doubt.

“I kept telling myself it will be fine and I’ve been doing everything I can do,” freshman Charlee Hagedorn said.

When the time came for tryouts, these students found themselves nervous, but also excited for the new season ahead of them. Once the stress of tryouts left them they realized that tryouts were just like any other day at conditioning and hopefully the coaches saw their potential.

Most sports had multiple day tryouts and it is crucial for success to remain positive during those grueling days of the season.
“I tried to give it 110% all the time and was open-minded to learning new skills,” freshman Lexi Zahourek said.

After the many weeks of training and hard work these students had put in, they were ready to find out if they got to wear that coveted Pius X jersey during competitions. Although some students did not make the team, they still gave it their all in the tryouts and now have the opportunity to cheer for their peers during competitions. For those who made the team, they now have the opportunity to make Pius X proud and show the fans what their hard work during the offseason can result in.

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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