Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

History of Pius X Catholic High School

Pius X Superintendents

Monsignor Jerome E. Murray – 1956-1958
Father Benedict Eugene Kalin – 1958-1963
Father James D. Dawson – 1963-1964
Father Ivan F. Vap – 1964-1981
Father Liam M. Barr – 1981-1994
Father Michael J. Morin – 1994-2007
Father James Meysenburg – 2007-Present

Pius X Principals

Father John Kelly – 1956-1959
Father James Dawson – 1959-1961
Father Paul Sheehy – 1961-1969
Mr. John Rotter – 1969-1972
Mr. James Hanks – 1972-1973
Mr. John Strope – 1973-1976
Mr. Michael Harkins – 1976-1978
Mr. James Rouse – 1978-1984
Mr. Gregory Logsdon – 1984-1997
Mr. Tom Seib – 1997-2006
Mr. Tom Korta – 2006-Present Day

Historical Timeline


The first all girl high school class graduated from St. Theresa Pro-Cathedral located at 13th and M Streets.


After petitioning the Bishop for “equal rights“, boys were enrolled.


The name of St. Theresa Pro-Cathedral was changed to Cathedral School.


Cathedral School moved from 13th and M Streets to its new location at 1424 K Street.

May 27, 1956

Cathedral High School graduated 63 students, its largest and final class in history.

July 25, 1954

Founding letter sent from Bishop Louis B. Kucera to the Catholic people of the six parishes in Lincoln, Nebraska stating, “Now the time has come for the Catholics of Lincoln to emulate the builders of nearly the builders of nearly seventy years ago and together build another school that will serve posterity for more than half a century.”

October 23, 1955

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for Pius X Central High School built for 300 students.

October 1, 1956

First day of school with 168 students enrolled (sophomores, juniors and seniors) and 15 faculty members on staff. Tuition was $100. There were four sports (football, basketball, track and golf).

January 27, 1957

Dedication of Pius X High School celebrated by Bishop Louis B. Kucera.

September 1961

Bishop James V. Casey dedicated the north classroom wing including classrooms, biology lab, library, language labs and gymnasium lobby.

September 1967

Freshman class enrolled for the first time.


Pius X Foundation was organized under presidency of Bishop Glennon P. Flavin.


Modular scheduling was in effect.

September 1976

20th Anniversary was celebrated in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary Capital Fund Drive.

October 23, 1977

The L/PAC addition and wrestling rooms dedicated.


The Library/Media Center and locker room addition were completed.

August through December 1982

Commitment to Education Excellence Campaign raises 1.2 million dollars to initiate the Pius X Endowment Fund.

February 1, 1982

25th Anniversary celebrated with a solemn high mass by Bishop Glennon P. Flavin.

April 1986

B.O.L.T. dinner/auction began.

September 1988 through February 1989

Continuing the Commitment Campaign raises 2.3 million dollars, half of which went into the Endowment Fund and half of which went into the addition of the St. Pius X Monsignor Mitchell M. Kaczmarek Chapel, a practice gymnasium, a computer center, administrative and business offices and two classrooms.

September through December 1993

Embrace the Future Campaign raised 5.3 million dollars in pledges for major renovation and the addition of a new gymnasium, 17 classrooms, administrative offices, expanded L/PAC and a music hall.

January 14, 1996

Dedication and Open House of the Embrace the Future additions and renovations celebrated by Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz 1996-1997 School Year 963 student and 84 full and part-time faculty at Pius X High School.

July 5, 1997

Pius X celebrates 40 years of Catholic education with an all-class reunion.

August, 1998

Uniforms are reintroduced to the student population. There were no uniforms or dress code from 1975 through 1981. A dress code was established in 1982.

2000-2001 school year

Over 1,000 students registered at Pius X High School for the first time.


Student enrollment is 1037. Tuition ranged from $1050 to 1,150. There were 82 faculty/staff members and 17 sports. The Pius X Foundation’s Endowment fund was valued at $5,260,484.


As of December 31, 2003, the endowment fund was valued at $4,881,092. A portion of the fund is invested in equities. The remaining portion that makes up the scholarship fund is invested in fixed assets. Each February, the interest earned on the equities is transferred to the high school’s general operating budget. Since its inception in 1970, the endowment fund has transferred over $2.9 million to the high school’s general operating budget.

aldrich field track press box2005

The weight room was completely renovated with proceeds from the Booster Club. In August, 2005, a combination press and skybox was built and dedicated at Aldrich field in memory of Matt Grosserode.

2006-2007 School Year

Student enrollment was 971. As of June 30, 2006, the endowment fund was valued at $5,628,708. The percentage of total assets was broken down as follows: cash = 10.8%, cd’s, notes and bonds = 35.5% and equities = 53.7%. Since its inception in 1970, the Pius X Foundation has transferred over $3.8 million to the high school. In 2006, the track was resurfaced and refinished.

October 2006

Pius X celebrated 50 years of Catholic education with a family, friends and alumni Thunderbolt Weekend. The event featured a tailgate party, dance, Mass, reception honoring former and current faculty and staff and a tour of the school. The first Distinguished Alumni award was presented to Jim Partington, class of 1957.

May – December 2006

The A Tradition of Faith campaign was kicked off with a goal of $13 million. This is the largest and most ambitious effort ever undertaken by Pius X and was designed to meet the current and future needs of Pius X. Over $15.8 million was committed in pledges and cash gifts. Over 13.3 million was received. Part of the campaign funds were used to build a new commons area including a catering kitchen (not full service), renovate the old commons in the basement into a new library/media center, removal of the stage in the old gym and renovated this space into 4 new classrooms, and a new “science classroom wing” was created. The new commons accommodated over 300 students for lunch per period.

2007 – 2008

Total student enrollment was 1,001. Of this amount, 297 are freshman. Tuition ranged between $1,250 and $1,700. There were 93 faculty/staff members. A catering company, Premier Catering, provided a healthy hot lunch for students daily, along with a cold a la carte menu. In 2008, a new lunch coordinator was hired to provide hot, healthy lunches each day. Lunches were cooked in the old “Clark Jeary” retirement home across the Pius X parking lot and then transported to the catering kitchen every day. In 2008, Pius also started participating in the Free & Reduced Hot Lunch Program.

2009 student section
2009 student section


1,048 students enrolled at Pius X. Of this amount, 308 are freshman, which is the largest class in Pius X’s history.


An anonymous donor came forward and offered a lead challenge gift for the specific purpose of equipping Aldrich Field with artificial turf. Pius embarked on a $500,000 project to install this turf to be utilized by the football, soccer, track, band, and dance and cheer teams. Over 1,060 students are enrolled at Pius X.

The cafeteria as it looks in 2021.
Pius X enters in the Kohl’s Cares Facebook contest where the top 20 schools in the nation who acquire the most votes will each win $500,000. Pius places 4th in the nation with 151,545 votes. It was the only NE or IA school to win. Construction of the new kitchen began in April, 2010 and was finished in August, 2011, just in time for the first day of school! Overall cost of the project was a little over $1.2 million. Fresh, healthy meals (both breakfast and lunch) were now prepared daily for students. Also Saint Michael’s new catholic school in south Lincoln was a satellite feeding location where meals were prepared at Pius X and then transported daily from Pius to St. Michaels.


Student enrollment is about 1055. The new freshman class is 272 students. Tuition is between $1350-1750 per year; it increases gradually as you move from year to year. The average tuition that parents pay to Pius X High School is $1500.00. The national average to attend a private school is $8900.00!! Lincoln and Pius students and parents are very fortunate to have such low tuition for an incredible Catholic education. Each student receives a $3600 scholarship the moment they enroll as a student! To help make up that difference the Fund for Pius X has been established which was previously known as the Annual Appeal or even further back then that the Phone-a-thon. Parishes make up 42% of each student’s tuition which makes up part of that $3600 scholarship.

August of 2011

Strategic planning is also underway and a survey went out to all of our constituents to best determine the needs of Pius X moving forward into the future as well as giving everyone a chance to voice their opinion on how we are doing, what we could be doing better and in what direction they would like to see Pius X high School go. Pius hired a facilitator, Anne Steinhoff, from Omaha. campus flagAnonymous donor also funded a new electronic marquee which was placed in the front of the school. Bleachers were installed in the practice gym allowing Pius to host two games at the same time.

Fall of 2011

The Booster Club and a handful of other donors funded construction of a new softball practice field and improvements to the existing baseball field. This allowed athletes to now stay on campus for practice. In the past, softball players drove across town after school to practice at University Place Park in north Lincoln. For the baseball field, existing grades were modified for proper drainage and a new agrilime infield surface was installed

Summer 2012

Chemistry Lab Renovation: “Chemistry Lab Room 200 – Phase 1 of the Chemistry renovation project began on June 1, 2012 and was completed in time for the first day of school Aug. 16, 2012. This much needed improvement provided a modernized lab environment including an upgraded teacher demonstration table and new student experiment stations. An eyewash and emergency chemical shower was also added and a proper fume hood was installed. New cabinets, desks and wheel chair accessible sink were installed as well as a new floor and ceiling. Phase 2 will begin in the summer of 2013. Another anonymous donor came forward in 2012 wanting to improve the locker rooms. With help from the Booster Club, shower stalls were revamped in both the girls and boys locker rooms, walls were repainted, lockers replaced, repaired or repainted and new benches were added. In 2012 an anonymous donor came forward to renovate both the wrestling and weight rooms. Windows were installed on the north wall of both of these rooms and new flooring was installed in the weight room. Renovations also included improving the ventilation system, humidity control and HVAC.

Winter 2013

Anonymous donor donated $50,000 to establish a band endowment to benefit the Pius X band department. Funding will be used for purchasing new instruments and repair of old ones, purchase of new music, new band uniforms and other needs determined by the Band Director. Pius X High School was also awarded a $150,000 grant ($50,000 each year for three years) from the same donor for the main purpose of supporting students through the ABLE program (a class that provides help for students who struggle, academically). A FT para-professional was hired for the 13-14 school year to assist ABLE students in the classroom and a FT Coordinator was hired to address the needs of struggling students at Pius.

Summer 2013

Chemistry Lab Renovation: “Chemistry Lab Room 202 – Phase 2 and 3 of the Chemistry renovation project began the end of May, 2013 and was completed in time for the first day of school Aug. 20, 2013. This much needed improvement provided a modernized lab environment including an upgraded teacher demonstration table and new student experiment stations. An eyewash and emergency chemical shower was also added and a proper fume hood was installed. New cabinets, desks and wheel chair accessible sink were installed as well as a new floor and ceiling. Over $122,000 was raised on Give to Lincoln Day on May 16, 2013 providing the needed funds to complete phase 2 (renovation of Room 202) and partial funding toward phase 3 (adding technology for both labs). Just $55,000 was still needed to complete phase 3. The Foundation Office applied for grant money to the Dillon Foundation and May Flanagan Foundation in Aug of 2013 for the remaining funds. Booster Club also upgraded the sound system in the L/PAC ($25,000)

Fall 2013

Student enrollment was approximately 1,100. As of July 31, 2013, the endowment was valued at a little over $12.4 million. For the 2013-2014 school year $577,060 was transferred from the Foundation to Pius X High School ($518,170 to the school, $50,960 for scholarships and $7,930 for endowed funds). Clark Jeary property adjacent to Pius X was demolished and temporary parking was added east of the school.

Summer 2014

Gym Roof was replaced using funds from BOLT and Give to Lincoln Day ($151,474). Over $48,600 was raised via BOLT and Give to Lincoln Day to update the electrical, lighting and acoustics for the LPAC (Learning and Performing Arts Center). Air Conditioning in Computer Lab Room 254 was improved via BOLT and Give To Lincoln Day ($22,500). Funds from the Finigan Foundation ($14,193) provided funding for a new microphone system and Yamaha soundboard for the LPAC. Booster Club also resurfaced ($35,000). We also added more space for the baker in the new kitchen ($14,376.25). Bathroom renovations – will start working on 6 during the summer of 2015 (100, 150, 200 and 250 hallways).

Summer 2015

Over $150,000 was raised on Give to Lincoln Day. Proceeds for this year’s one day event went toward bringing teacher salaries to 90% of LPS. We also received a $100,000 matching gift from the BFF. Total raised in one day was over $250,000! Pius also started a Beautification Project – the front entryway down the hallway to the chapel was painted, new numbers were painted on all the classrooms, and a new Parish community wall now displays pictures of all the schools, churches and pastors that support Pius X High School. Thanks to BOLT 2015, air conditioning was finally installed to the old gym, and 6 bathrooms were renovated!

Fall 2016

Student enrollment is now over 1,225 students, our highest enrollment ever. As of August, 2015, the endowment was valued at a little over $14.2 million. For the 2015-2016 school year $682,470 was transferred from the Foundation to Pius X High School ($607,260 to the school, $62,230 for scholarships and $12,980 for endowed funds).

classroom dawson learning center campusFall 2019

Lincoln Pius X High School added 16 new classroom in the Fall of 2019 s thanks to strong community support. The school and its foundation recently received $5.8 million in donations that enabled construction of the new classroom wing to begin in the spring of 2018. The classrooms were opened when school began in the fall of 2019.

Spring 2020

The fourth quarter was conducted entirely remote with all students and teachers using online technology to continue their teaching and learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There were no sports or activities. Graduation was delayed until August and held at Pinnacle Bank Arena to allow guests and students to spread out. The annual BOLT Gala was delayed and held entirely virtually.

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