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Scholarships for Pius X High School

All families are strongly encouraged to complete the scholarship application process. The same application is used for the Pius X Scholarships and the Good Shepherd Scholarship. Both the Pius X Scholarships and the Good Shepherd Scholarship use FACTS for the application process. Simply select both applications during the application process.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, Pius X awarded more than $515,000 in scholarships to students for the 2020-21 school year. The annual priority deadline to apply is May 31. If a family’s financial situation has changed after that date, an application can be submitted at any time.

Please note that in a circumstance where tuition is split between parent/guardians, financial aid will be considered only for those who complete the FACTS scholarship application. Scholarship recipients are notified in July. Questions about applying for tuition assistance? Click here to send an email or call 402-488-1046.

Each year, the Foundation for Pius X celebrates our scholarship winners by publishing their names and photos in our Connections magazine. Parents and guardians can choose to have their child’s name and photo withheld from that publication. Learn more | Publication Opt-Out

Establishing a Scholarship

Establishment of a Named Scholarship gives you the opportunity to honor and remember loved ones while actively supported Pius X’s quality, Catholic education. Once a Named Scholarship is created, the funds are invested in the Foundation’s endowment with the income from the investment being used to help pay a portion of students’ tuition. Named scholarships last forever and serve as a permanent memorial. This means you can financially assist current as well as future students for many years to come. As the scholarship balance increases, so does the amount of aid students receive.

You may donate to any established named scholarship or the Pius X Foundation’s general scholarship fund by using our online form or by mailing a check to Pius X. For more information or to establish a named scholarship, please email us or call 402-488-1046.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is/are the deadlines?

The deadline for the Good Shepherd Scholarship has been updated to April 9, and the deadline for the Pius X scholarships is May 31.

Is there a difference in the application process?

The only difference is that the Good Shepherd Scholarship application asks for either the 2019 or 2020 tax return information, while Pius X requires the 2020 tax return information. Pius X will also have some optional, additional questions should you be interested in applying for some of our named scholarships with specific requirements (typically our non-need based scholarships).

Are there any changes in the Good Shepherd Scholarship from last year to this year?

Yes. The scholarship amount has increased from $1,600 to $1,900 per student, and the qualifying standard 225% of the federal poverty level. Read more here.

Does the Good Shepherd Scholarship cover the Diocesan technology fee for students?

Yes and no. Yes, the Diocesan technology fee of $330 can be covered on top of the $1,900 (for a total of $2,230 in scholarship funds), but the technology fee is not included in the family cap if you meet the financial need requirements for the Good Shepherd Scholarship.

Can my family earn scholarship money from both the Good Shepherd Scholarship and Pius X?
Yes, it is possible to receive a scholarship from both.

What impact does the Good Shepherd Scholarship have on the Pius X scholarships?

The addition of the Good Shepherd Scholarship means Pius X is able to offer even more scholarship funds to more families. In 2019-2020 the Pius X Foundation was able to assist 35-percent more families than compared to previous years with our Pius X specific scholarships.

Is Pius X still interested in providing more scholarships?

Yes! In fact, generous donations have made it possible to offer multiple new scholarships for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. Contact Courtney Johnson at

About the Good Shepherd Scholarship

Good Shepherd Scholarship Program Results

  • 2020: over $2.1 million in scholarships awarded (2019: $1.2 million)
  • 2020: 1,337 students (and their families) benefited from a scholarship (2019:1,170 students)
  • 2020: families within 225% of the Federal Poverty Level were eligible for scholarships (2019: 200%)
  • 2020: scholarships cover up to 75% of tuition, or $1,300 for grade school and $1,600 for high school (2019: $900 for grade school/$1,300 for high school)
  • 2020 scholarships also included $225 to cover the technology fee for over 1,200 students (Learn about technology fee)

2020 Good Shepherd Graduating Senior Class Results

  • 100% of the Good Shepherd Scholarship seniors graduated from high school (85.3% National Rate; 88.4% Nebraska Graduation Rate)
  • 34% of the Good Shepherd Scholarship seniors identified as minority students (48% National Rate; 33.5% Nebraska Rate)

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