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  • From senior art project to French class ceiling For her final senior project, Christine Fortenberry painted a reproduction of Pierre Auguste Renoir’s 'In the Meadow' onto a ceiling tile that will live in her now-former French classroom. Fortenberry asked her teacher, Laurence Mills, if she had a preference, and Mills choose this particular artwork, but hadn't seen Fortenberry's final work until last Friday, the last day for seniors. Latest...
  • Mapping out the finer points of classic book

    English II students in Nolan DeWispelare's class made maps of Maycomb to review the unit on the book, 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' Students used context clues from the book to determine where different parts of the town are located in relation to each other. Latest Stories
  • Students cook up plans for Food Truck activity

    Pius X students in Intro to Culinary Arts with teacher Amy Shonka hosted a Food Truck Competition, complete with creating a business plan, model food truck, menu, and 40 food samples as part of the competition. Staff were invited throughout a day last week to taste test and vote with 'money.' First place went to The Splendicious Cafe for their...

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