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  • Veggie Challenge inspires students to get creative with corn dish

    The vegetable of choice chosen by the judges: corn. The class: Intro to Culinary Arts. The competitors: the six students in this class taught by Amy Shonka. The students went to work creating a tasty dish for the judges involving corn as one of the main ingredients. Winners were Piper Bryce and Abigail Hill. Latest Stories
  • The ‘ecosytem’ of the school parking lot

    How many makes of vehicles are in the parking lot? While teaching biological diversity to her students, AP Environmental Science teacher Lori Watson converted the thinking into cars in a parking lot to allow students to better understand richness (number in an area) and evenness (variety spread throughout). Since Pius does not have any “natural ecosystems” surrounding us, students instead...
  • The picture – and story – of a simple drink

    The Intro to Culinary Arts class held its own 'Water Works' plating competition. Students were assigned to plate and photograph a non-alcoholic beverage, attempting to make it as creative and appealing as possible. Judging criteria included: 1. Elements/Principles of Design (balance, color, shape/proportions, texture, and focal point); 2. Does the image look appealing?  Would you want to reach into the...

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