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  • Honor Guard members find inspiration in cleaning chapel

    The Honor Guard prays together, cleans the chapel and honors God each week. Watch and listen to three members talk about the impact the experience has on others and themselves.
  • Culinary students crank out homemade pasta, pesto sauce Homemade pasta with pesto sauce was on the lesson plan and the menu for students in Intro to Culinary Arts. Teacher Amy Shonka had students using hand-crank machines to flatten and splice the pasta, before returning the next day to finish cooking and enjoying their meal. Latest Stories
  • Balancing right- and left-brain capacity in Psych class activity How well do you balance your left brain and right brain capacities at the same time? Psychology classes taught by Susan Kelly participated in a brain lab, where the object was to use both sides of the brain simultaneously, seeing (based on handedness) how you do when balancing a dowel and spelling words. Does left-hand balance help you spell better, or...