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Patrick Schafers Memorial Scholarship

Patrick was born on February 25, 1979 to Lewis and Rose Schafers and was the last of twelve children. His brothers and sisters are all graduates of Pius X including Celia (’74), Rene’ (’76), Tony (’79), Marita (’80), Michael (’82), Paul (’84), Grace (’85), Mathew (’88), Eric (’89), Andrew (’92) and Jeanette (’94).

Patrick graduated from St. Teresa’s School in May 1994 and died shortly after on June 29, 1994. Although his life on earth was relatively short, Patrick made a huge impact on those who knew him. Patrick was a friend to everyone and he loved to make people laugh. He loved to be with and around people; he knew how to be a friend and was someone you could talk to and confide in.

Patrick touched the heart of everyone he came in contact with. He loved life and lived his life with no cares or worries. He was fascinated with many things and his hobbies included collecting matchbook covers, playing soccer and spending time with his friends.

Patrick loved to take things apart just to see how they worked, never intending to put them back together again. One Christmas Patrick received a battery-operated car and immediately disassembled it to see what was inside and that is how it remained. He enjoyed Boy Scouting and achieved the rank of Life Scout.

Patrick never took anything too seriously with exception of his faith which was very dear to him. He loved our Lord and would stop by the church to make a visit and kneel down in front of the Holy Family to pray; his mom loved this most about him.

Patrick loved his mother and father and was a special brother to his siblings. Patrick’s parents felt it was important for all children to be able to receive a Catholic education. Along with Patrick’s eleven siblings, he has had several nieces and nephews attend and graduate from Pius X.

Patrick’s brothers and sisters all remember Patrick in their own ways and have different memories of him, but they all agree that Patrick was a special child. His siblings have debated about who was their mother’s “favorite,” but deep down, they all know it was her “baby” Patrick. Patrick is missed by his family and will always be loved. They know he is with his mother again and they are together in heaven.

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Fund Purpose/Criteria
Scholarship for incoming 9th graders from St. Teresa Parish
Established in Prior to 2004
Students Supported: 24+

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