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Matt Grosserode Memorial Scholarship

The Grosserode family has established a memorial scholarship in memory of their son Matt Grosserode, a 2000 graduate of Pius X High School. One scholarship will be awarded to a Pius X incoming senior football player in August of each year at the Fall Kickoff.

Matt was born June 19, 1981 in Daytona Beach, Florida. His family moved back to Lincoln when Matt was in first grade where he attended Catholic grade schools and then Pius X High School. Matt was a junior in college at Iowa State University at the time of his death on August 6, 2003.

Matt was an honor student at Pius X, a standout football player and a member of the track team. After graduating from Pius, Matt went on to play football at Iowa State University earning Academic All Big 12 Honors.

Matt lived his life being faithful to God, loving to his family and loyal to his friends.

Excerpts from student thank-you letters

“As I was thinking of a word to truly describe my reaction to receiving the award, I could have made a list of about fifty words. As I look deeper into those words, they all circled back to one core word. That core word is blessed. I feel truly honored and blessed to receive such a distinguished award that holds a very special place in the hearts of many people. Thank you very much for allowing me such an amazing opportunity. When I was looking at the list of names on the plaque, I felt so honored to be recognized with such an elite group of guys. When I first heard my name called at the Fall Kickoff, I was filled with such excitement and joy. That sense of joy came from a much deeper aspect.

Football has had such a deep impact on me over the past four years at Pius. The game has impacted me in several ways. The relationships I have with my teammates and coaches are something that are very special to me. They have allowed me to grow deeper in my faith and develop a closer relationship with God. The second impact has been the growth in maturity. The game of football has so many life lessons to offer. If those lessons are seized and used to become a better person, then the game is ultimately a success, whether it is a win or a loss. The third impact has been the Matt Grosserode Scholarship. I am very grateful and humbled to win such an award. The award has shown me that football and life are never a game about one’s own self, but rather the person standing next to you.

As I finish my last season of football here at Pius, I have many people and intentions that have been keeping me motivated. Before I take the field, I have a list of people that I pray for. I feel so honored and humbled to be able to add the name of a man who was truly the example of what it meant to be a football player at Pius X. I know that Matt is looking down on us every Friday and Thursday night. I now have a reason to play harder than I did before.

Thank you very much! I am so grateful!”


“Thank you so much for your generous donation in the form of this scholarship. I come from a family of 11, so this will help my family continue to send us kids to Pius….I am a tri-sport athlete in football, basketball, and track.

I had the opportunity to meet Tara and PJ through track at Pius whey they came back to help out. I enjoy attending Pius for reasons such as this….The family community of Pius is what keeps it thriving still today.

Thank you for this opportunity and for choosing me to be awarded it.”

matt grosserode scholarship
Fund Purpose/Criteria
Scholarship for 12th grade Pius X football players
Established in 2005
Students Supported: 11

Donate to this scholarship by typing the fund name into the designation box on our donation form.

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