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Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Skills in the home arts are utilized throughout life. Our curriculum is based on seeking higher quality life goals for individuals and families. Beginning courses provide a brief, basic, but comprehensive application of personal and family goals; while more advanced courses provide greater depth of personal, career, and professional preparation. Subject objectives within the program include:

  • To choose personal and family goals
    which relate to society and provide students with a plan for action or achievement
  • To select experiences which provide opportunity for positive self and family development  To evaluate options and make decisions using the practical reasoning process
  • To use resources available to manage and develop a product or project
  • To relate to others in ways which promote development of self and others
  • To cope creatively and constructively with family problems and types of crises  Physically and mentally to care for self and others by preparing nutritional foods and meals
  • To create, design, and skillfully construct clothing for self and others • To gain knowledge and aesthetic value within the family environment through a variety of media
  • To care for children and family members in ways which meet basic needs and promote self-actualization.
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Course Offerings

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Housing and Interior Design
  • Human Relations
  • Child Development, Care, Guidance & Parenthood Education
  • Family Issues
  • Textiles, Clothing and Design
  • Advanced Textiles, Clothing and Design\
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

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Course Descriptions

FOOD & NUTRITION – 9, 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

Food choices are a result of our psychological and physiological needs. These needs reflect our food knowledge, experience and the environment around us. In this course we will gain knowledge of food nutrients and their sources. We will also work to develop the necessary cooking skills to prepare and preserve foods, with the intent of increasing their nutritional contributions to our diet. This course will meet the Life Skills requirement.

HOUSING AND INTERIOR DESIGN – 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

This course will take a look at how housing satisfies the individual differences and requirements for a sense of security, self-expression and the formulation of values and attitudes. The course covers how a person’s choice of furnishings and equipment are the means of adapting a housing structure to meet personal or family psychological, socio-cultural, physical and economic requirements. This course will provide hands on experience in interior design. This course will meet the Life Skills requirement.

HUMAN RELATIONS – 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

This course prepares students to understand the nature, function, and significance of human relationships within the family/individual units. This includes instruction in the concepts and principles related to various family living conditions; the establishment and maintenance of relationships; and the preparation for marriage and family life. Instruction emphasizes the uniqueness of families and individuals, the development and socialization of the individual, and meeting the needs and interest of individuals and family members. This course will meet the senior Social Studies elective.


This course prepares individuals to understand children’s physical, intellectual, emotional growth and development, as well as their care and guidance. This program draws on aspects of the social and biological sciences of which Family and Consumer Sciences are a component. Observation and actual experiences with children and their parents are integral parts of the program. This course is articulated with Southeast Community College to earn college credit. This course will meet the Life Skills requirement.

FAMILY ISSUES – 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

In this course students will develop the communication, reasoning, and coping skills necessary to resolve such issues as death, illness, drug and alcohol use, loneliness and abuse. They will also develop an understanding of crisis as a normal part of family life and develop empathy for the individuals involv
ed. After considering the effects of these issues on the family, you will develop and carry out action plans to educate our school and/or community on an aspect of these issues. This course will meet the senior Social Studies elective.

TEXTILES, CLOTHING AND DESIGN – 9, 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

This production course involves students in every aspect of textile planning, selection, and care. It includes elements of design and redesign; pattern selection and fit; and sewing equipment and tools. Students will not only complete projects such as clothing items, handbags or quilts; but will also explore the historical and multicultural aspects of clothing and fabric through self-guided study. Students are expected to provide basic sewing supplies and materials. This course will meet the Life Skills requirement.

ADVANCED TEXTILES, CLOTHING, AND DESIGN – 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

[Prerequisite: Textiles, Clothing, and Design]
Advanced Textiles, Clothing and Design increases fashion knowledge and develops advanced construction techniques. Students review basic aspects of textile planning, construction and care and then explore aspects of the fashion industry through self-guided study. Students complete intermediate to advanced level projects requiring increasingly difficult sewing and serging techniques. Students will be expected to provide all necessary supplies and materials for their projects.

INTRODUCTION TO CULINARY ARTS – 9, 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. -5 credits)

[Prerequisite: Food & Nutrition]

This course is recommended for students who have successfully completed “Food & Nutrition” and have a passion for food. This course will help further develop culinary knowledge and skill through course work and laboratory experiences. Course topics range widely but include such areas as using fresh herbs and spices, quick breads and yeast breads, and cookies, pies and pastries.

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