Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Official Brand Guide for Pius X

How to refer to our school

Pius X High School has established brand guides to consistently identify our school, logo and teams. Out of respect, we ask all individuals and organizations follow these basic guidelines.

  • Our official name is Pius X High School (please remember include the ‘X’). All references (first, second and beyond) shall include Pius X.
  • When speaking, the ‘X’ is pronounced ‘the Tenth,’ and NOT as merely ‘X’. This represents our namesake saint, Pope Pius X (as he was the tenth pope with the Pius name).
  • Our official mascot is the Thunderbolts.

Use of approved logos

The use of logos falls under the administration of Pius X High School and Foundation. Anyone wishing to use the logo should email the communications director first to ensure it is appropriate. The logos are shown below so a viewer can better recognize the proper logos. The following is a list of items considered when granting use of the logo:

Appropriate use: A logo can be used only as it appears, without modification, and only in a positive, accurate depiction of Pius X High School.

Colors: The official colors are #046a38 (green) and #ffd100 (yellow). The logo colors should not be changed, and the logo should not appear on top of colors other than white, gray or black. The logos themselves can only be converted to black, white and gray if the page the logo appears on is also black and white.

Wording: No words, numbers or characters shall come in between ‘Pius’ and ‘X’ or shall be used in conjunction with the words/letters.

Pronunciation: The X shall be pronounced as ‘the Tenth’.

Other logos: The logo can appear with other logos only when a partnership is agreed upon. Ample ‘white space’ between logos is requested.

Primary Font: Century Gothic, Bold, All Caps

Pius X High School
Pius X Foundation
Secondary Font: Minion Pro

Pius X

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5c: 12:33 – 12:56
5d: 12:56 – 1:19
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7: 2:06 – 2:43
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