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Pius X Ambassadors represent a portion of our student body dedicated to being the hands, feet and heart of Christ to the greater good of our school and to individuals who might be in need of special assistance and friendship.  Ambassadors possess a desire to step outside their comfort zones to offer friendship and positive support wherever needed.  Interested candidates may submit an application each spring for review. Those participating as Ambassadors will sign a commitment stating support for the mission of the Ambassadors for the upcoming school year. We meet twice a month at 8 a.m. on Mondays.

If you know of a student in need of assistance from the Ambassadors, and send us some details about the circumstances and we will do everything we can to provide assistance and support!

Goals of the Pius X Ambassador organization:

  • Identify and help students who are bullied or hurt by other students.
  • Help new students to Pius integrate well and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Help students who struggle integrate into the student body.
  • Help students feel a sense of belonging and security.
  • Help students to appreciate and celebrate diversity and cultural differences.
  • Know when and how to seek the help of a trusted adult.

Ambassadors take story of Pius X on the road

Anna and Dawsyn are two of our Student Ambassadors who have been taking their message about Pius X on the road to K-8 Catholic Schools in Lincoln. They talk about how they bring lunch, talk with eighth graders about high school, and answer any questions students may have. Saint Joseph School

Pius X

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