Cheerleading emphasizes support of school activities; teaches responsibility, leadership, spirit and commitment; and helps to develop creativity and confidence. There are three squads—Varsity , Junior Varsity, and Reserve. Varsity is open to sophomore, junior and senior girls. Junior Varsity is open to freshman, sophomore and junior girls. Reserve is open to freshman and sophomore girls. The School Mascot is also a part of the cheerleading squad. This position is open to seniors only. Students are selected through tryouts in the spring.

2019-20 Cheer Teams


Caitlin Alesh
Ella Hagen
Elizabeth Nguyen
Lyndsay Olson
Bailey Pagels
Lauren Parker
Skyler Rolfes
Maia Ross
AnnaRuth Wenzl
Reagan Winsor
Maddie Zaborowski

Junior Varsity

Makenna Adams
Alyssa Dunlap
Mikayla Fowler
Ella Guerra
Lindsay Nguyen
Kaitlyn Pagels
Hannah Reinke
Hadley Schell
Jocelyn Vo


Halle Bialas
McKenna Callahan
Elise Collins
Sofi Kouma
Sarah Lang
Tricia Le
Londyn Thorne
Maebh Young

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