Cheerleading emphasizes support of school activities; teaches responsibility, leadership, spirit and commitment; and helps to develop creativity and confidence. There are three squads—varsity , junior varsity, and freshmen. Varsity is open to sophomore, junior and senior girls. Junior varsity is open to freshman, sophomore, and junior girls. Only freshman girls can be on the freshmen squad. The School Mascot is also a part of the cheerleading squad. This position is open to seniors only. Students are selected through tryouts in the spring.

2018-19 Cheer Teams


Caitlin Alesh
Hannah Bals
Payton Chmelka
Rachel Fleeman
Olivia Lyons
Mary Messineo
Bailey Pagels
Adaline Rockenbach
Skyler Rolfes
Maia Ross
AnnaRuth Wenzl
Reagan Winsor

Junior Varsity

Rochelle Bose
Emma Evaristo
Christine Fortenberry
Lilly Gierhan
Ella Hagen
Rachel Kolar
Elizabeth Nguyen
Lyndsay Olson
Lauren Parker
McKenna Sullivan


Makenna Adams
Addison Drahota
Alyssa Dunlap
Mikayla Fowler
Ella Guerra
Elizabeth Komi
Lindsey Nguyen
Vanessa Palomino
Hadley Schell
Jocelyn Vo

Photo Gallery 2017-18

Summer Camp Update

The Pius cheerleaders attended UCA cheer camp at UNL July 5th-8th.  There they learned cheers, sidelines, and dances to use during the upcoming year.  During the four-day camp they were evaluated on all the routines they were learning leading up to the Game Day Championship and the Rally Routine Championship on the final day of camp.

Varsity :

– Superior ribbons for cheer, sideline, and rally evaluations

– 1st in Cheer

– 1st in Band dance

– 1st in Overall Game Day Championship

– 2nd in Rally Routine Championship


– Superior ribbons for cheer, sideline and rally evaluations

– 2nd in Cheer

– 1st in Band dance

– 1st in Overall Game Day Championship

– 1st in Rally Routine Championship


– Superior ribbons in cheer and sideline evaluations

– Excellent ribbon in rally evaluation

– 2nd in Rally Routine Championship

– Squad Improvement Award

All-American Cheerleaders:

– Hannah Bals – Varsity

– Olivia Lyons – Varsity

– Christine Fortenberry – JV

– Elizabeth Nguyen – JV

– Lauren Parker – JV

Pin-it Fowards

-Payton Chmelka – Varsity

-Mary Messineo – Varsity

-Mikayla Fowler – Reserve

The Pius Cheerleaders also received the coveted UCA banana on day 2 of camp which is given to the most spirited squad/team of the day.

Congratulations to the Pius X Cheerleaders on a very successful camp this summer.