Academic Decathlon

2019 State Champions!

acadeca state competition

Team finishes 6th at nationals

Pius X High School’s Academic Decathlon team represented the state of Nebraska at the National Competition in Minneapolis April 25-April 27. The team placed 6th nationally and brought home 10 individual medals in the fields of Art History, Essay, Science, Music, Literature, and Math. Congratulations to their coaches Ann Kotopka and Alex Hain and to the competitors Isaac Kramer, Thomas Kotopka, Kolbe Villa, Wally Langdon, Brandon Birch, John Michael Hewitt, Kellen Knotwell, and Logan Uttecht.

Pius X Academic Decathlon Coaching Staff

  • Ann Kotopka-Head coach / Art, Language & Literature / 1987 Pius graduate
  • Alec Hain-Administrative head and assistant coach / Social Science, Economics / 2011 Pius graduate
  • Jean Timmerman-Music / 1988 Pius graduate
  • Ben Kotopka-Science / 2009 Pius graduate
  • Margaret Kaiser-Woodward-Math
  • Fr. Steve Mills-Speech, Interview

What is Academic Decathlon?

Academic Decathlon is an accelerated and intensive year-long course of study in science, social studies, math, English (literature, critical reading, and writing), art, music, speech and economics. A new theme focuses the study each year, so a student may take this course more than once. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one scrimmage the first semester. A select group of twelve students will compete in Regional, and if successful, State, and possibly National Competitions. Because students in Academic Decathlon must come from three academic levels (A, B, and C or below) as determined by selected portions of their GPA, students of varying ability and grade will be in class together. Grading standards for this course are adjusted for grade and ability. Summer reading is encouraged.

2018/19 Team

Honor Students: Thomas Kotopka, Isaac Kramer, Andrew Kotopka, Kolbe Villa

Scholastic Students: Max Doty, Brandon Birch, Wally Langdon, Gabriel Clark

Varsity Students: John Michael Hewitt, Kellen Knotwell, Sam Noel, Logan Uttecht

Alternates: Andrew Kotopka, Sam Noel, and Gabriel Clark

2019 State AcaDeca Photo Gallery

AcaDeca hosts positive events for younger students

Academic Decathlon hosted two events for 5th-8th graders this August to help fund their fall trip to San Francisco. Students played all kinds of games including Ultimate Tag, Mafia, Texas Hold ‘Em, Knockout, watched an outdoor movie, learned line dances, and just had fun hanging out with friends.