Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Speech/Drama/Forensics Department

Training in speech and drama will help individual students in all areas of oral communication ranging from audience analysis to effective use of voice. Classes work on organization of ideas and clear use of language as well as effective performance techniques.

All courses are activity-oriented and require students to perform a significant number of different types of speeches. Drama courses are designed to acquaint the student with the basics in many different areas of theatrical production. In addition to the course work, there are drama productions in which students can exercise and extend their talents both on and off stage. All students, regardless of classroom experience, are encouraged to take part in all productions.

Course Offerings

  • Acting I
  • Acting II
  • Speech Communication
  • Competitive Public Speaking and Oral Interpretation
  • Play Production
  • Film Production

Speech / Drama / Forensics Teachers

Course Descriptions

ACTING I – 9, 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

Acting I students discover the world of acting on an introductory level. The performer learns how to use his/her voice, body and imagination to create a character. The student will also learn of other aspects of theater and basic theater history.

ACTING II – 9, 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

[Prerequisite: Acting I]
In Acting II, the general principles learned in Acting I are built upon to acquire more skill. The emphasis is on developing believable characters through analysis, stage portrayal, auditioning skills, and theater history.

SPEECH COMMUNICATION – 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

Speaking and listening as the bases of communication are stressed in this class. Students will learn fundamentals of speech organization, effective use of language and performance skills. This performance-oriented class will introduce students to many different types of speeches and train them as effective listeners as they evaluate their own and others’ speeches. This class meets the graduation requirement for speech.


Competitive speaking is designed for the student interested in competitive public address speeches and interpretation of prose, poetry and drama. Students will learn how to structure speeches, and be taught how to characterize and present a piece of literature for competition. They will also learn how to critique each of these types of presentations. Students will be expected to participate in contests and tournaments, many of which will take place on weekends. This course meets the graduation requirement for speech.

PLAY PRODUCTION – 10, 11, 12 – (Sem. 2 – 5 credits)

[Prerequisite: Acting I]
In Play Production, students will learn the basics of technical theater, play production and directing, as they produce their own shows for public performance.

FILM PRODUCTION – 11, 12 – (Sem. – 5 credits)

This project based course is designed as an elective class for 11th and 12th grade students to create films. Through the use of storyboarding, scriptwriting, filming and editing, the students will learn the step by step process of making a short film. The end result will be a film festival for the students to show their finished product.

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