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Fall Play

'The Chronicles of Narnia'

By C. S. Lewis | Dramatized By Joseph Robinette

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe brings the story of Christ’s Divine Dispensation to life in vivid imagination! Adam and Eve are caught between the Justice and Mercy of God and the Pride and Malice of the Serpent in the characters of Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan, who arrive in a Narnia that is waiting for the return of their King, Aslan. He is not a tame Lion, but He is good.

October 19, 20 and 21 at 7pm and October 22 at 2pm
Narnia Tea Party October 21 at 9:30am

Mike Katalenich, Director

Cast List

Aslan/Christ: Jackson Roberts
White Witch/Serpent: Ava Miller
Professor/Adam/Father Christmas: Matthew Brown
Macready/Eve/Mother Christmas: Cate Dolezal
Elf: Elizabeth Moje
Fenris Ulf: James Heyne
Dwarf: Margie Pepino
Peter: Dominic Tran
Susan: Ella Wemhoff
Edmund: Jadyn Dodd
Lucy: Madelyn Zimmer

Mr. Tumnus: Nolan Wemhoff
Fire Spirits: Lydia Koperski, Zelie Rutledge
Water Spirits: Chloe Torticill, Maggie Vacek
Air/Snow Spirits: Elizabeth Moje, Bella Sweeney
Earth/Tree Spirits: Malina Odgaard, Evelyn Placek

Inhabitants of Narnia

Beavers: Tristan Brouillette, Louise Pepino
Unicorns: Emma Asmus, Jackson Birch
Raccoons: Isabelle Crummey, Ben Unger
Frogs: Brenden Fitzpatrick, Elise Schlautman
Squirrels: Joseph Fitzpatrick, Maggie Seeman

The Witch’s Army

Bears/Ghouls: Kathleen Cowan, Joseph Mulka
Deer/Ghouls: Will Anderson, Clare Hill
Foxes/Ghouls: Claudia Tabor, Max Tvrdy
Turtles/Ghouls: Maria Butler, Marcus Schidler
Rabbits/Ghouls: Andrew Donlan, Francesca Urbauer

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