Alumni educator qa

The Pius X Alumni Office wants to celebrate educators that are alumni of Pius X High School. This is open to all teachers, principals and educators. Complete the Q&A on our website. If you have questions, contact Alumni Director Kristin Heath.


Growing up I had several teachers that provided me with a safe and loving atmosphere. Going into school each day my goal is to make sure each child feels safe when they are with me and that they know they are loved.


"I realized I wanted to be a teacher when I noticed the relationships I built with teachers as a student."


"Having teachers that were joyful and authentic left a powerful impression upon me."


"My students have shown me that God works in each person's life differently."


"I love to help guide them in figuring out what their talents are, how they can use them, and what their options are after they graduate."


" I learned best from teachers who saw my potential, and understood that I could be successful whether I ever understand an equation or dreaded story problem in math."


I love the feeling I get when a student gets a new concept or skill.


"From the time I was little, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I loved going to school and playing school at home."


"I have always said that being a teacher makes me a better mom, and being a mom makes me a better teacher."


"I remember how I looked at my teachers as role models and positive influences on my life."


Ensuring my classroom is a safe, inclusive, and creative environment is the foundation of how I teach today.


"I always had teachers that cared about me being successful and would push me to be the best version of myself. I try to do that for my students now."


"It makes my day better when I see kids happy."


"I remember having an “aha” moment in March of senior year and knew that teaching was truly my calling."


"The never give up attitude the faculty at Pius taught us really helped shape who I am today."


"During my senior year at Pius my counselor Mrs. Fraiser helped guide me to the Education Program at UNO."


"I remember sitting at a restaurant and my dad telling me that he thought I would make a great teacher because I worked really well with kids."
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