Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Lettering Requirements

Event                           Girls’ Letter Mark                      Boys’ Letter Mark

100M                                            :12.99                                                      :11.39

200M                                       :27.59                                                 :23.99

400M                                       1:03.89                                                      :52.79

800M                                           2:32.99                                                     2:04.99

1600M                                         5:47.79                                                     4:47.89

3200M                                        12:39.99                                                   10:47.99

100/110 M HH                            :17.99                                                       :16.59

300 M LH                                      :51.99                                                       :43.50

Long Jump                                    15’8                                                           19’8”

Triple Jump                                   31’0”                                                         40’0”

High Jump                                     4’10”                                                         5’10”

Shot Put                                        32’5”                                                         45’3”

Discus                                            87’5”                                                       131’1”

Performance Marks

  • Athlete performance that matches or exceeds marks in table above.
  • Athlete participates in 67% of the varsity meets.
  • Athlete scores 4 points in an individual event at any varsity meet consisting of five or more teams.
  • Athlete scores a total of 2 points as part of a relay team throughout the season.
  • Individual/distance height must count in relay team total in order to earn points from a relay meet.  In Field events relay meets it is possible for only the top three out of four distances/heights will count toward the team total.


  • Attendance is required at all practices unless you have been excused by the Head Coach.
  • If you must miss a practice due to illness, injury or family obligation you must notify the Head Coach by 1:30 in the afternoon.  The athlete and coach will then discuss the situation.
  • Athlete must be in regular attendance in all classes.
  • Athlete must be receiving passing grades in school.
  • Athlete must refrain from the use of vaping, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Varsity letter may be revoked for disciplinary problems, school infractions, and training rules violations.
  • Injuries and other considerations will be left up to the discretion of the coaching staff.

Senior Letter

  • Athlete must be a member of the Track and Field team for at least two consecutive years.
  • Athlete must meet attendance requirements during all two years.
  • Athlete must be making a positive contribution toward the welfare of the team in terms of attitude and support.
  • Coaches’ discretion can also be factored in evaluating seniors who may not have been out for two years, but have shown significant contributions to the overall welfare of the team.

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