Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Alumni Updates: Weddings

Alec Hruby ’14

Alec Hruby ’14 married Sarah Ostrander in July 25, 2020 at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Omaha (the same church Sarah’s mother got married in). Sarah works as

Regan Taubenheim ’17

Regan Taubenheim’17 and JJ Clark were married April 10th, 2021at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Lincoln, NE.

Kelsey Benes ’13

Kelsey Benes ’13 married Kyle Nienaber on November 14, 2020 at St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church in Omaha, NE. Kelsey is working as a Marketing Coordinator at Olsson, and

Dena Wolfe ’01

Dena Wolfe ’01 and Rob Koneck-Wilcox were married March 28, 2020 at Omaha’s St. Mary Magdalene. They are making their home in Omaha where Dena is a Family Engagement Specialist

Maggie Reese ’17 and Robert Kirkpatrick ’17

Maggie Reese ’17 and Robert Kirkpatrick ’17 were married August 1, 2020 at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. They originally planning a wedding for December 26th of 2020, but in May

Braden Guess ‘16 & Ashtyn Kleinschmit ’16

Braden Guess ‘16 & Ashtyn Kleinschmit ’16 were married on August 14th 2020 at North American Martyrs Parish in Lincoln, Nebraska. Braden graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with

Chad Berens ‘14

Chad Berens ‘14 married Hanna Hegemann on July 25th, 2020. Chad and Hannah met in college at Nebraska Wesleyan University where they were both on the Track and field and

Clay Simpson ‘15 and Lucy Kohmetscher ‘15

Clay Simpson ‘15 and Lucy Kohmetscher ‘15 were married on November 9th, 2019 at Saint Thomas Aquinas Church in Lincoln, NE. Clay graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2019 and

Josh Kramer ’00

Josh Kramer ’00 and Jennifer Rinkol were married on September 14, 2019 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE. Jennifer is currently an RN Nurse in Pediatrics at Madonna

Shauna Krause ’12

Shauna Krause ’12 married Rashad Krause (Al-Sabban) on July 12, 2019 in Kansas City, MO. The couple met in 2016 while attending Rockhurst University in Kansas City. Shauna is a

Derek Ullman ’11

Derek Ullman ’11 married Sophie Peters on December 21, 2019 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Fremont, NE. Derek is a PE teacher at Blessed Sacrament School in Lincoln and

Kathryn Budell wedding

Kathryn Budell ’14

Kathryn Budell ’14 married Curtis Nelson from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on December 21st, 2019. They were married at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Lincoln and now live in Omaha,

Darryn Werner ’08

Darryn Werner ’08 and Adam McLaughlin were married November 2, 2019 at Saint Teresa Church in Lincoln. Darryn graduated from College of Saint Mary in May 2014 with her Bachelors

Annie Richert

Annie Richert ’12

Annie Richert ‘12 married Justin Noakes on November 9, 2019 at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE. Annie is employed by Hudl and Justin is employed by Lincoln

Hartman Fenton wedding

Hartman ’05 and Fenton ‘00

Melissa Hartman ’05 and Lukas Fenton ‘00 were married June 8, 2019 at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Lincoln. 14/20 of the wedding party were also Pius X

Raun ’14

Sam Raun (2014) and Mary Ketter were married on June 15, 2019 in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. The couple currently lives in Lincoln and are members of Cathedral of the Risen

Hile Katie

Hile ’02

Katie Hile ’02 and Ryan David Patrick were married on Saturday, October 12 at St. Teresa’s Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE. The couple recently purchased a home in Cathedral of

Therese Thomas krick sievert Married

Sievert ’16 and Krick ’16

Therese Sievert ’16 and Thomas Krick ’16 were married on December 22, 2018 at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church here in Lincoln, NE.

Dostal ’15 and Kalkowski ’15

Bailey Dostal ’15 and Kade Kalkowski ’15 were married August 3 at Saint Joseph’s Church in Lincoln. Bailey graduated from UNK in May and is now pursuing her Masters in

Duden ’13 & Kopf ’13

Zach Duden ‘13 & Maggie Kopf ‘13 were married at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ on April 27, 2019. They reside in Omaha where Zach is an actuarial analyst

Olsson, Jack and Kelsie '13

Valish ’13 / Olsson ’13

Kelsie Valish ’13 and Jack Olsson ’13 were married June 1st, 2019 at North American Martyrs.  The couple resides in Minneapolis.

Engstom, Kelsey '13 wedding

Engstrom ’13

Kelsey Engstrom ’13 and Chaz Cox were married on June 1, 2019 at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE.  The couple met each other while in school

grosserode piper wedding

Grosserode ’09 / Pieper ’09

Tara Grosserode ’09 and Isaac Pieper ’09 were married on December 29, 2018 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church with Fr. James Meysenburg officiating.  The couple resides in Lincoln, NE where

Damm '13 and Scheinke '14 Wedding

Damm ’13 / Schieke ’14

Joshua Damm ’13 and Lauren Schieke ’14 were married June 9, 2018 at St. Patrick’s in Lincoln. Josh works at Kawasaki. Lauren graduated from Wayne State College in May 2018. 

Arndt '14 and Jaros '14 wedding

Arndt ’14 / 2LT Jaros ’14

Anna Arndt ’14 and 2LT Pete Jaros ’14 were married on December 29, 2018 at St. Thomas Aquinas in Lincoln, NE. The couple will reside at Fort Bliss, El Paso,

Peters and Borzekofski wedding

Peters ’14 / Borzekofski ’13

Jordan Peters ’14 and Josh Borzekofski ’13 were married on August 26, 2017 at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. Jordan works as a Pediatric Dental Assistant at Southwest Pediatric Dentistry and

Brakenhoff '15- Abendroth '15 wedding web

Brakenhoff ’15 / Abendroth ’15

Kate Brakenhoff ’15 and Colton Abendroth ’15 were married Saturday, June 1st at St.Thomas Aquinas Church in Lincoln. They both graduated in May from UNL. Colton works for Farm Bureau,

colby honke

Colby Honke ’08

Colby Honke ’08 and Kelly Dunn were married on May 12, 2018 at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE. The couple resides in Lincoln where Colby works at

Haug, Ashley '09

Ashley (Haug) Bush ’09

Ashley (Haug) Bush ’09 graduated from UNL, and received her Master of Education from John Hopkins University.  She married Garrett in 2017 and is currently taking a teaching sabbatical so

Haney-Madison, Megan '07_

Megan (Haney) ’07

Megan (Haney) ’07 and Ryan Madison were married October 28, 2017 at Our lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Columbia, MO.

Kuehl Jacob

Kuehl ’08

Jacob Kuehl ’08 and Kristine Batenhorst were married on June 25th, 2016. Kristine is a 2009 graduate of Hastings St. Cecilia’s. They were married at St. Anthony’s parish in Cedar

Birkel Alexa Krings Zach

Birkel ’13 and Krings ’13

Alexa (Birkel) ’13 and Zach Krings ’13 were married on December 17, 2016, at North American Martyr’s Catholic Church.  The couple lives in Lincoln where Alexa will be teaching 1st

LeDuc Gapp

LeDuc ’10 and Gapp ’10

Mary LeDuc ’10 and Erik Gapp ’10 were married on October 29, 2016 at St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center. Erik is graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May

Rashilla James

Rashilla ’11

James Rashilla ’11 and Dana Slaymaker were married on October 22, 2016 at St. Joseph Church in Atkinson, NE.  James is working with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and in

Peetz Anne

Gerhart Peetz ‘06

Anne Gerhart Peetz ‘06 and Collin Reid Johansen were married September 30, 2016, at St. Teresa Catholic Church in Lincoln. Anne is a graduate of Creighton University College of Business

Tasler Sarah

Tasler ’11 and Hain ’11

Sarah Tasler ’11 and Alex Hain ’11 were married June 18, 2016 at St. Teresa’s in Lincoln.  Alex graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in May 2016 and is teaching at

McAndrew Ashley

McAndrew ’11

Ashley McAndrew ’11 and Matt Perlinger were married on June 11, 2016.  The couple resides in North Platte where Matt works as a loan officer, and Ashley works in social

Hansen Bridget

Hansen ’12

Bridget Hansen ’12 and Zach McPhillips were married on January 2, 2016 at Cathedral of the Risen Christ there in Lincoln. The couple currently resides in Columbus, NE where Zach

Johnson Katrina

Johnson ’14

Katrina Johnson ’14 and Joshua Medeiros were married on September 30, 2017. Katrina works at Lifetime vision center and Joshua works for the state of Nebraska. The couple resides in

Beiermann Hannah

Beiermann ’12

Hannah Beiermann ’12 and John Wieser were married on September 23, 2017 at St. Francis Catholic Church in Humphrey, NE. Hannah is employed by Integrated Life Choices and John is

Krick Katie

Krick ’13

Katie Krick ’13 and Tommie Bardsley were married on July 17, 2017.  The couple resides in Colorado.  Katie will be attending graduate school at Colorado Christian University to pursue a

Izquierdo and Kosch

Izquierdo ’07 and Kosch ’10

Ricardo Izquierdo ’07 and Elizabeth Kosch ’10 were married on June 25th, 2016 at the Newman Center.The couple currently resides in Lincoln where Ricardo is the Director for Hispanic Ministry

Fieselman Chris

Fieselman ’09

Christopher Fieselman ’09 and Brittney Gress were married on May 20, 2017 at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Nebraska City, NE. Brittney was the 7th generation of the Gress family

Buescher Hanus

Buescher ’11 and Hanus ‘11

Sarah Buescher ’11 and Jacob Hanus ‘11 were married on July 16, 2016 at St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center. We now live in Overland Park, Kansas where Jacob is an


Tremain ‘13 and Border ‘11

Mikayla Tremain ‘13 and Nolan Border ‘11 were married March 18, 2017, at St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center in Lincoln, surrounded by close family and friends. The couple have begun

Wells Zach

Wells ’00

Zach Wells ’00 and Erin Kruse were married Oct. 7, 2016 in New Underwood, WA. Erin graduated from Watertown High School in 2001 and from the Mayo School of Health

Werning Joey

Seier ’11 and Werning ’11

Camrie (Seier) ’11 and Joseph Werning ’11 were married August 20th, 2016 at St. John the Apostle Church and honeymooned in Jamaica. The couple resides in Lincoln, where Joey is

Frodyma Alex

Frodyma ‘10

Alex Frodyma ‘10 and Danielle Hittle were married on August 13, 2016, at North American Martyrs Catholic Church in Lincoln. The couple honeymooned in Cancun and resides in Lincoln.

Walker Elizabeth

Walker ‘96

Elizabeth Walker ‘96 married Gunnar Tomsen on July 30, 2016 in Omaha, NE. Elizabeth is a high school English teacher and Gunnar is a beekeeper (selling local, raw, Nebraska-sourced honey

Birkel Zach

Birkel ’11

Zach Birkel ’11 and his wife Brooke were married on May 14, 2016 at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in Hastings, NE.  Both Zach and Brooke graduated from UNL in December

Benes Jill

Benes ’11

Jill (Benes) ’11 and Joseph Rolfson we married on May 29, 2015 at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. The couple resides in Lincoln, where Jill is a Registered Dietitian at

Tara Gonser and Matthew

Gonser ‘09

Tara Gonser ‘09 and Matthew Neaderhiser were married on November 13, 2015, in Omaha, at St. Cecilia Cathedral. Tara is a third grade teacher, and Matthew is a newly licensed

Kocarnik Rachel and Cassel Jeff

Kocarnik ’10 and Cassel ’10

Rachel Kocarnik ’10 and Jeff Cassel ’10 were married on June 14, 2015, in Lincoln. The couple resides in Kansas City, where the Rachel is a graphic designer for Easy,

Schiefen Lisa

Schiefen ’99

Lisa Schiefen ’99 married Adam Hansen on May 30, 2015 at Mary Magdalene Church in downtown Omaha, NE. The couple honeymooned in Mexico. Lisa & Adam reside in Omaha where.

Mines Vincent Dean Jillian

Mines ’08 and Dean ’11

Vincent Mines ’08 and Jillian Dean ’11 were married on December 13, 2014 at North American martyrs Catholic Church in Lincoln.

Grubaugh Neil

Grubaugh ‘02

Neil Grubaugh‘02 and Nicole Ruhl celebrated their marriage June 13, 2015, at Saint Teresa’s Catholic Church.

Orth Pat

Orth ‘02

Pat Orth ‘02 married Kendra Hatfield on July 18, 2015.

Burks Josh Elizabeth Weist

Burks ‘11 and Wiest ’11

Josh Burks ‘11 and Elizabeth Wiest ’11 were married on July 31, 2015 and moved to SD in August, 2015.  Josh graduated UNL in May of 2015 and is Focus

Theisen Katie

Theisen ’09

Katie Theisen ’09 and Aaron Davis were married on July 18, 2015 in Lincoln at St. Teresa Parish.  Aaron farms in Riverton, NE and Katie teaches first grade in Red

Wilhelm Anna

Wilhelm ’09

Anna Wilhelm ’09 and Jake Knouse were married on October 17, 2015 in Lincoln, NE.  Anna graduated from UNL in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in business management. After graduation

Quinn Melissa

Quinn ’06

Melissa Quinn ’06 and James (Jamie) Tucci were married Oct. 11, 2014. The couple honeymooned at Niagara Falls, N.Y., and resides in Lincoln. The couple is employed by Child Guidance

Cunningham Alexander

Cunningham ’93

Alex Cunningham ’93, was married to Leah Gayagas on April 20, 2013 at St. Joachim’s Catholic Church in Punalu’u, Hawaii.  Although Leah is originally from Hawaii, she and Alex met

Marmi Wojtasek

Marmie ’09 and Wojtasek ’08

Caitlin (Marmie) ’09 and John Wojtasek ’08 were married on November 8, 2014 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE.  The couple spent their honeymoon in Napa Valley, CA.

Aylward John

Aylward ’99

John Aylward ’99, married Megan Douglass on Nov. 29, 2014. The couple resides in Ogallala

Heng and Oberembt

Petersen ’85 and Oberembt ’87

Lori Heng Petersen ’85 and Daniel Oberembt ’87 were married on February 2, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The couple resides in Lincoln where Lori is a Donor Stewardship &

Deck Tom Waite Ginger

Waite ’09 and Deck ’07

Virginia “Ginger” Waite ’09 and Tom Deck ’07 were married on December 27, 2014. Wedding photos were taken by Monica (Rentschler) Buscher ‘06, OSnap Photography