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Work Ethic Grant

Tom and Rhonda Peed have generously decided to continue the Work Ethic Grant for Pius X students that will be seniors and juniors in the Fall of 2024.

This is a matching grant of up to $1,000 per student ($5 per hour for up to 200 hours maximum) applied to the student’s tuition. If the tuition has already been paid, a reimbursement will be issued to the student’s family.

Hours worked from May 1, 2024 through August 15, 2024 are eligible for this grant. The deadline for submitting the application is Aug. 26, 2024.

Download Time Sheet: Office365 Excel | Google Sheets | Excel file

After selecting your time sheet option above, you will need to save the file as your own (File > Save As (Office365) or Make a Copy (Google). When completed and signed, this time sheet will be submitted using the form below.

What to do

  • Track all hours worked in Excel (download time sheet).
  • Print completed time sheet and physically sign.
  • Scan or take a picture of signed form (save as pdf, jpg, gif, or png file).
  • Submit using online form below.

Need More Information?

For more information, contact Amanda Ullman at or 402-488-1046.

Before you submit

  • Are you submitting all your hours in one form?
  • Did you print off your timesheet?
  • Did both the student and parent physically sign the form?

Submission Form

"*" indicates required fields

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Student's Name*
Student's Class*

Please enter a number from 1 to 200.
Max earned is $1,000 per student

Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 300 MB.
This is the list indicating date, job duties, and number of hours worked. Double check to make sure this page is physically signed by the student and parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the grant payment calculated? 

The matching grant will be calculated at the rate of $5.00 per hour worked (200 hours maximum).  

What types of work qualify for this grant? 

Qualified types of work include: 

  • any job where a student receives a paycheck,
  • those where no typical paycheck is received such as family farms, self-employment, mowing lawns, etc.
  • volunteer hours do not quality for this grant, but could be used for the requirement for seniors and National Honor Society Students.

How is the payment distributed from the school? 

When the application is reviewed and approved, disbursements will be made in a one-time payment to the school and deducted / reimbursed from the student’s tuition. 

What if I have already paid my child’s tuition in full? 

If the tuition has already been paid, a reimbursement will be issued to the student’s family. 

How does my student submit their hours worked? 

An application form will need to be completed and signed by the students and parents when the student has completed their hours. Each student should only submit one application.

What if the child does not reach 200 hours of work time? 

The student should still submit the application by deadline. They will be paid $5 per hour of the hours worked. 

Do you need verification from my child’s supervisor or workplace? 

No verification is needed. The parents and students are expected to honestly report the hours worked and eligible for the matching grant to the school for verification to the donor. 

How can the student thank the grantees? 

Students are strongly encouraged to write a thank you letter to the grantors and submit in person to the Foundation office at Pius X. Guidelines for writing a thank you letter

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