Days until the 2024-25 school year begins


Preparing for the School Year

First Day of School - August 16, 2024 - 9 a.m.



Tryouts and practices for fall sports begin Monday, Aug. 12. Physicals for student-athletes must be completed on or after May 1, 2024 in order to be valid for the upcoming school year. Students should also complete a wellness packet regarding concussion and neurocognitive baseline testing.

All athletes involved in high incident sports must complete SWAY neurocognitive testing prior to the start of the season (Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer and Baseball). Testing is for all 9th and 11th graders, or athletes new to Pius. Coaches will communicate dates and times for testing of their respective teams. 

Contact Drew Erks, Athletic Trainer for more information

Sign up for parking spot and lockers

The registration time for parking spots will begin on Monday, July 15. Also, juniors and seniors will also sign-up for locker spots at the same time. Each student in grades 9 and 10 will be assigned a locker; no sign-up is required.

Sign Up!

Signing up for a parking spot is ongoing. There are a limited amount of parking spots available and are awarded via a lottery system. If space allows, some spots may be awarded to sophomores and freshmen. Students are asked to consider carpooling with siblings, friends and neighbors. Students who park on side streets near the school are responsible for following the posted street signs related to parking.

For more on parking at Pius X, see the Student Handbook.

Freshmen Retreats and Orientation

Aug. 3 – Retreat: Group 1
Aug. 10 – Retreat: Group 2
Aug. 14 – Orientation 12:30 – 3:30 pm

Mandatory New Parent Meeting

Parents of freshman and other students new to Pius X High School should attend our New Parent Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, Aug. 7.


Childhood Pictures for Yearbook

Childhood Pictures for ALL SENIORS are due Friday, October 25. This is the photo that will be used in the video at the senior breakfast at the end of the year.  There is no cost to submit this photo.  We will accept digital photos and hard copy pictures of your child’s childhood picture. PLEASE be aware that scanning your own photos may result in blurred images that are not usable for the book or the video.  We would prefer that you send the hard copy to us so we can scan it to our specifications and then we will return it to your senior as soon as we are done with it.  DO NOT send screenshots from phones as they will not be usable in the video.  If sending a digital copy, send the largest file size available. 

Senior Picture Guidelines

The deadline this year is Friday, October 25.  Students whose pictures are missing may not be included in the yearbook.

Format: We prefer the electronic submission directly from your photographer in a JPEG format, but we will accept hard copies as well. Files should be sent to – I will confirm receipt.  We need at least 600 KB sized files (the bigger, the better), vertical images, and please no social media/screenshot images (these will look grainy or pixelated in the yearbook).  If sending from a phone, when you choose the size of the attachment, select “Actual Size”. The images will be approximately 2” wide and 3” tall in the yearbook, but yearbook staff members will crop the photos for uniformity, so please allow for some extra room in the photo.

Dress Code:

All pictures should be a head and shoulders type of pose and include the entire head. Hands may be folded and included in the pictures if there are no symbolic gestures of any kind. No words or symbols on clothing. Pictures with facial or body piercing, tattoos, or hats are not acceptable. Indoor or outdoor backgrounds are acceptable as long as the background is free of symbols as well.

Girls:  Tops or dresses that reach the neckline with no obvious cleavage and cover the shoulders.

BoysPictures with facial hair are not acceptable.

The following are acceptable:

  • Suits or sport coats with long neckties or bowties
  • Sport shirt (polo shirts) with top button open
  • Turtlenecks, v-neck sweaters with shirts or crew neck sweaters or shirts. 

If any senior wants the Pius X Yearbook staff to take his or her photo, we would be happy to help.  Contact Mr. DeWispelare by August 30 to schedule.


Student day for schedule pickup, locker check, and student ID pictures

Student pictures, locker assignments, demerit card and schedule pickup will be Wednesday, Aug. 7 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the school. You are strongly encouraged to come for these important tasks.

If you can’t make it during this day, you may stop by the main office (door #6) between Aug. 8 and Aug. 14 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30p.m. Monday through Friday to pickup your schedule.

Here is a list of reminders for proper appearance for picture day:
– Men – Clean shaved; Hair – must be not touching their collar and to the middle of the ear; Sideburns – must be to the middle of the ear; No earrings or piercings; Nice shirt or polo is preferred; If you are wearing a t-shirt no writing can be on the shirt.
– Women – No piercings other than ears; No cleavage; Shoulders must be covered; No shirts with writing on them.
– Pictures are a head-and-shoulder shot only. Students will bring home a picture card with your order codes. You may order directly from Pegasus.

First Day of School is Aug. 16

This school year will begin on Friday, Aug. 16 at 9 a.m. We will celebrate an all-school Mass.

1st Day of School Bell Times

1 – 9:00–9:20
2 – 9:25–9:45
Mass / Class Meetings – 9:50–11:37
3 – 11:42–12:02
4 – 12:07–12:27
5A – 12:32–12:56
5B – 12:56–1:21
5C – 1:21–1:46
5D – 1:46–2:11
6 – 2:16–2:36
7 – 2:41–3:01
8 – 3:06–3:25

Parent Open House

This year’s Parent Open House will be Aug. 19 at 6:30 pm. Come to learn about the school year and enjoy a light supper.

Preparing for the new school year

Student Wellness

Health Forms

Over the counter medication at school (Tylenol, Motrin, Tums, Benadryl)

Permission to give Over the Counter Medication form.  We have medication at school and are always taking donations of Tylenol, Motrin, Tums, Benadryl and cough drops.

Students that require prescription medication at school

Permission to give prescribed medication form along with the medication in a bottle from the pharmacy. We cannot accept medication in anything other than what the pharmacy gives you.

Allergy and/or Asthma

  • Allergy/Asthma Action Plan-2 pages, requires a practitioner’s  signature
  • Self-management form signed if student will carry medication with them during the day


  • Diabetes Action Plan OR similar plan from the doctor
  • Self-management form signed
  • When completing registration on Power School please use the Medical and Alerts tabs for life threatening allergies and/or medical conditions only.

Funds for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

If you had meal money left in your account from the last school year, it’s still there! Deposit new funds in one of two ways:

  1. Bring check/cash to school front office (include student ID#)
  2. Use the MySchoolBucks website (fee may apply)
  3. Use the MySchoolBuck app for smartphone (fee may apply)

Menus are posted in advance at

Finding Your Way

Classroom Numbering SystemEach classroom has a room number, but there’s an easy way to navigate:

  • the first number is the floor (first or second floor),
  • the second number is the hallway number (#1 hallway is closest to the front door of our school, #2 is in the middle; of our building #3 is toward the back/north),
  • the third and fourth numbers are the room numbers, with even numbers on the south side of our school, and the odd numbers to the north.

Wayfair signs are posted throughout the school.

How Pius X Communications with Families

Pius X strives for efficient and effective communication with parents using a variety of methods:

Newsletter: Every family should have received the summer newsletter and will receive the August newsletter. Starting in September, the newsletter will only be printed and mailed to those who sign-up at Everyone will receive our new monthly digital newsletter via email.

‘This Week at Pius X ’email: Principal Terry Kathol will send a weekly email highlighting important events, updates and successes.

Social Media: Pius X will share stories about our school via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you are so inclined, please like/follow any account you wish and help us share the good news about Pius X.

Counseling Center email: Our counseling department will send occasional emails with important information about scholarships and other post-secondary information. These are mostly targeted toward seniors and occasionally juniors, too. Contact the counseling office if you are the parent of a junior or senior and you are not receiving these emails.

Athletics and Activities: Coaches use various methods to communications with students and their families. Information for each sport or activity is provided by coaches and sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions


Pius X will host a uniform try-and-buy events throughout the summer Students can try on parts of the uniform to determine what sizes are needed, then place their order through Dennis Uniform. These events include trying on, purchasing and ordering new uniforms, used uniforms, and Pius X gear sold by the Booster Club.

Additional dates for uniform try-and buy are: 

  • Tuesday, July 30, 9-11 am
  • Thursday, Aug. 1, 5-7 pm
  • Tuesday, Aug. 13, 9-11 am

Uniforms are also available for try-ons and purchase on Schedule Pickup Day, from 8:30 am to 3 pm on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

Volunteers organize Thrifty Thunderbolt, where they wash and sort uniform donations from families, and make them available to other families. For more information, email us at


Lunch is divided into four sections, A-B-C-D. Students will be in class for two of those, eat lunch during one and have study time during the other. EXAMPLE: A student who has ‘B lunch’ will have 20+ minutes to study  (section A) in their fifth-period classroom, then eat lunch in the commons (section B), then have their fifth-period class (sections C & D). 


The Pius X Booster Club sells Bolt merchandise in its online store, and in person at specific events:

  1. New Parent Meeting, Aug. 7
  2. Open House: Aug. 19
  3. Fall Kickoff: Aug. 23
  4. First 2 or 3 Varsity Home Football Games
  5. Homecoming Game, Sept. 6
  6. Fall P/T Conferences, Oct. 10
  7. Grandparents Day Mass, Oct. 10


Fall Sports: Cross Country | Football | Golf – Girls | Softball | Tennis – Boys | Volleyball

Winter Sports: Bowling  |  Boys Basketball  |  Girls Basketball  |  Swimming & Diving  |  Boys Wrestling | Girls Wrestling

Spring Sports: Baseball  |  Golf – Boys  |  Soccer- Boys  |  Soccer – Girls  |  Tennis – Girls  |  Track & Field

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