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Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska

Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska

Pius X High School is an official partner school with Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska. Students who qualify may receive opportunity scholarships to help them attend Pius X, and Nebraska residents can support our students through the Opportunity Scholarships Act tax credit program. 

For Pius X families with an incoming freshman (Class of 2028), use the link above to apply. This link is specific to families of Pius X, and may not work for other schools in the Lincoln Diocese. Use your FACTS username and password to sign in and access the application.

In 2023, the Nebraska State Legislature passed The Opportunity Scholarships Act (LB753), a scholarship tax credit program.

Taxpayers can contribute to Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska, a state-approved scholarship granting organization, which then will use those dollars to provide scholarships to eligible students. This transformative program enables students from lower-income families, students with special needs, students who experience bullying, students from military families, students in foster care, and students who are denied option enrollment by public schools to access scholarships to attend the private school of their choice.

The Opportunity Scholarships Act gives priority to children from the lowest-income families first, along with the qualifiers above, giving final priority to families making less than 300% of the federal Free and Reduced Lunch rate.

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