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Lincoln Pius X uses social media to allow students, parents and supporters to follow the events of our students and staff. Below are social media accounts that officially represent an activity of Pius X. Use the #piusproud hashtag and tag us in your posts so we can follow your successes. We’ll add more accounts as we learn of them.
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Social media comment guidelines 

Pius X values sharing the Good News in many forms, including digital communications such as social media. While there are challenges in the social media landscape, using the various channels for good may encourage others to do the same, and can help Pius X share the good news of its school and foundation. 

Comments on social media posts offer a particular opportunity and challenge, with the positive comments affirming the work we do and helping others see our social media posts, and the negative comments containing hurtful or inaccurate information, or distracting from the post’s intent. Comments of a positive or negative nature may attract similar comments, so timeliness can be a factor if deleting a comment is being considered. 

Pius X does not wish its social media channels, particularly Facebook and Instagram, to be a ‘community forum’ open to discussion on a topic. As examples: 

  • publishing photos from Pro Life Day does not make our page the place for debate on the correct Catholic approach to legislation, and  
  • posting photos of our students and staff wearing face coverings does not make our page the place to debate the effectiveness of face coverings during an epidemic, and  
  • announcing the retirement of a coach does not make our page the place to discuss what changes need to happen in that particular sports program. 

There may be times when a comment needs to be deleted. The following guidelines should be followed: 

  • A comment containing inaccurate information should be shared via email with the principal and chief administrative officer for a determination. The goal is not to conduct a complete scientific review, but to honestly assess the information posted. 
  • A comment that condemns, shames or criticizes any person or group of people will be deleted.
  • A comment that is off topic of the original post will be deleted. 
  • A comment using profanity will be deleted. 
  • Comments from students that violate these guidelines are subject to policies in the student handbook. 
  • Questionable comments should be saved (either as text or a screenshot) to be shared with those making the decision, or those that might need to know, or to serve as record-keeping.
  • Comments that aim to deceive our audience (such as posting links to an incorrect site)
  • Those posting the same comment multiple times on the same or different posts may be banned.

There may also be times when banning a person from commenting is necessary. Reasons for this may include repeated vulgarities and impersonating another person or place, or using the name of another person or place. 

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