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Sean Carney


Parents: Paul and Sally Carney
School(s) attended K-8: Blessed Sacrament
Favorite place on campus: I loved being in the band room, which is where I met most of my friends early on, but scrambling to get ready for marching band at what felt like 5 in the morning with my section will always be one of my good memories. I just found myself in there a lot of the time to hang out with my friends
Activities at Pius X: Bowling, marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, pep band, dungeons & dragons club, smash bros club, latinos unidos, 3D printing with Don McKee
What is/was your favorite class at Pius X, and why? My favorite class was probably PACE because of how amazing of a teacher we had. Mr. Scheffler was always kind and funny after spending 100 minutes with him a day. He had a lot of out of pocket humor and the class was challenging to say the least. It definetely helped me brush up on my study skills and working with others for projects.
How has your faith impacted your education, or how has your education impacted your faith? My education has been always a little backed by my faith, going to a private school, but it definitely made me feel better after praying before a test. On the other side of the coin, learning in theology throughout my time at Pius helped shape my life and the relationships that I have with others.
What are you most proud of about your time at Pius X? I think that I’m proudest of the development that I went through. I had come to Pius as an awkward kid that didn’t have a whole lot of good friends. Pius helped me find my friends through different clubs and I got less awkward from talking to more people at this “huge” school. I didn’t expect to make many friends here, but I really blossomed out and made a bunch of friends. Coming into high school, I had a goal to get healthier and I really did. With different lessons from health class and constantly being drilled into work by Coach Rice and Coach Kearney in strength class, I found myself looking better and feeling better about myself in many ways
Where are your plans after high school (college, military, job, etc.)? What do you plan to study? I plan on going to SCC Milford to take the electromechanical program and then one additional year to pursue the focus of automation. I will then work in manufacturing to help make the machines move and print direly needed parts.
Sean Carney

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