Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Bailey Slattery


Parents: John Slattery
School(s) attended K-8: Cathedral of the Risen Christ
Favorite place on campus: I enjoyed being in the commons because it’s a great place to get school work done and socialize with your friends.
Activities at Pius X: Cheer
What is/was your favorite class at Pius X, and why? My favorite class was Human Relations with Mrs. Sievert because she is such a fun teacher and I learned so much in the class that I can apply in my future.
How has your faith impacted your education, or how has your education impacted your faith? Going to Pius has really helped me grow deeper in my faith! Pius Campus Ministry has helped me practice my faith.
What are you most proud of about your time at Pius X? Winning Class A Traditional State Cheerleading in 2023!
Where are your plans after high school (college, military, job, etc.)? What do you plan to study? I plan on attending the University of Nebraska- Lincoln on the pre-health track, and later on Radiology.
Bailey Slattery

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