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Small Group Opportunities in Faith

Mission: To build up lifelong disciples of Christ.

Encounter Groups

Encounter is a diocesan program focusing on the freshman class. It specifically looks at placing our students in small groups where they can learn to pray, communicate about their faith, see the example of their mentor, and above all – encounter Christ.

Led by an adult, strong and passionate in their faith, these single-gender groups of 8-12 students meet each Tuesday during their Theology class period. The curriculum will always be provided to the mentors the week prior, so they feel prepared to lead conversations. The entire class will begin with attendance and the showing of a video that will introduce the topic for the week. The Encounter groups will then divide into their designated groups and meet in separate rooms, so the students know a space has been created for them to be vulnerable.

Mentors will be provided with activities, ice breakers, discussion questions, and occasionally snacks to help guide the remainder of the meeting time. As a mentor they are also trusted with the responsibility of discerning the proper use of time and conversation within their own small groups.

There is a training for all mentors at the start of every year and occasional meetings to check in, but should a mentor ever have a question, concern, or need support or resources, they are more than welcome to contact the Ministry Office at any time.

Discipleship Groups

Jesus spent three years with 12 men to reach the entire world. These men were given a high call to follow him. Our method must be modeled after His. Using the “win, build, send” model of Focus, Discipleship is a space in which the students of Pius X high school can continue to develop a personal relationship with Christ outside of the classroom, creating a community to run towards Our Lord with for themselves. Led by an adult mentor who is knowledgeable and passionate about their faith, these groups consist of 5-7 students, organized either by prior connections or by scheduling.

Once paired with a group, mentors will meet with their students for 45-60 minutes each week outside of the school day. They are allowed to meet within the Pius X building if available, or at any other public location approved by the Ministry Office (coffee shops, Newman Center, etc). It is up to the mentor to discern, taking the desires of the students into consideration, how the hour will be spent. This group could focus on a Bible study, improving prayer life, devotionals, etc. all while building a community and space for the students to ask questions and grow in faith.

In accordance with Safe Environment, Discipleship groups may communicate via email, Remind, GroupMe, or through the Ministry Office. Should a mentor ever have a question, concern, or need support or resources (purchasing of devotionals, games, etc), they are more than welcome to contact the Ministry Office at any time.

Encounter Highlights

  • For all freshmen students
  • Meet Tuesdays during Theology class
  • Divided into single-gender groups of 8-12
  • Topics provided to mentors each week

Discipleship Highlights

  • For students in grades 10-12
  • Meet weekly outside of the school day
  • Students and mentor pick topics and activities

Volunteer to be a Mentor

Feeling the calling to support high school students in their faith journey? Contact Erinn (Black) Maly at Pius X by email at, or complete the form in the ‘Sign Up!’ button above.

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