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Accelerated Physics students launch eggs

Students of Jeremy Scheffler’s Accelerated Physics class were recently assigned an “egg artillery” project.

They were able to group up to four people and were tasked to launch an egg as far as possible using any contraption they decided to build.

“We could’ve done it a variety of ways, but we chose to use a trebuchet,” junior Basil Fulton said.

A trebuchet is a catapult used to launch heavy stones or missiles, mainly used in medieval times.

Their trebuchet, which they named “Enamored”, was built over the course of two weeks and ended up standing at roughly seven feet tall.

“It was a lot of fun to build it with the guys in my group,” Fulton said.

While most students didn’t go to the lengths that Fulton’s group did, all of the projects were creative and unique in their own sense.

Each project was given one practice launch and two recorded launches.

Junior George Ivanov’s group took the win with the farthest egg thrown.

Their process consisted of “about $30 and a bunch of scrap wood.”

The students were all given six weeks to make their own devices, but Ivanov’s group only needed about six hours.

“The purpose is to calculate how far it went, the speed at which it traveled, and the release angle,” Ivanov said.

Created by Pius X Communications

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

By: Malina Odgaard

Staff Writer

Photographer: Malina Odgaard

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