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Charles E. Chace Memorial Scholarship

Charles Chace grew up in north central Nebraska and was the youngest of four children born to Ralph and Mildred Chace. Education was highly valued by his family. Upon graduation from high school, he worked hard putting himself through the University of Nebraska, graduating with a law degree.

As a young attorney practicing in Holt County, Neb., he met the love of his life, Mary Lois Hammond. They met at the O’Neill courthouse where she worked. Mary Lois was instrumental in bringing her Catholic faith into his life.

After their marriage, he was drafted into the Army and they moved to the south. It was there Charles studied and joined the Catholic Church. Stories of him making his First Communion with second graders in Arkansas were frequently told. When the class was quizzed about the faith, the priest would verify the answer by saying, “Isn’t that right Lieutenant?”

Following the war, Charles returned to his practice in Holt County. In the mid-1950s, the family moved to Minnesota where Charles took up public relations. He continued this line of work until the late 50s when the family moved back to Nebraska and settled in Lincoln.

In Lincoln, he represented the Nebraska Petroleum Institute as their executive director. He was extremely active in Nebraskaland tourism, the Arbor Day Foundation, Blessed Sacrament Church, Knights of Columbus, St. Elizabeth Hospital, American Legion and the preservation of St. Francis Chapel.

Charles and Mary Lois were blessed with six children. All attended Catholic schools and four graduated from Pius X – Rosemary (’63), Gene (’68), Bob (’72) and Fran (’73).

Charles passed away in May 1995. Catholic education was extremely valued by the Chace family. It was for this reason that the scholarship fund was created for non-Catholic students who wanted a Catholic education. It was Charles’ dream that any student who desired a Catholic education could realize one with the help of scholarship tuition assistance.

Excerpts from student thank you letters

Past awardees share how receiving the scholarship made an impact in their lives:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this scholarship. It means more than you could even imagine….I myself, am not a Catholic, but for some reason I feel drawn to the faith. It intrigues me….I am involved in journalism, and theatre at Pius X…I am also involved in sports journalism, which is the subject I wish to pursue for my college career….I also have 2 jobs.”

“For me being a non-Catholic student, I am very thankful for the scholarship. I appreciate the opportunity to learn in a Catholic environment. My family is extremely grateful that we have been chosen….As an 8th grader I also attended St. John’s. Prior to that I had attended public schools. I just feel more welcomed when I go to these Catholic schools….Once again, I would like to thank you for letting me have this scholarship. My family is extremely grateful…Thank you for letting me be part of something fantastic.”

“By awarding this scholarship you have lightened my financial burden. It helps me worry a little less about the financial problem and now I can focus more on my studies. I hope that one day I may be able to help another student in some way as you have helped me.”

Fund Purpose/Criteria
Created for non-Catholic students who wanted a Catholic education.
Established in 1997-98
Students Supported: 45+

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