Jeff Dodd Memorial Scholarship

Jeff Dodd attended St. Teresa’s and Cathedral schools and then Pius X High School, where he graduated in 1991. He continued his education studying at Notre Dame and in Ireland, earning degrees in English and Philosophy with an emphasis in the study of Irish Literature.

Jeff was a highly involved student who participated in many activities and organizations. He loved every aspect of high school, from the classroom to the activities, to making great friends, and he had a lot of them! He also held jobs to pay for his own tuition to attend Pius X.

Jeff was a devoted and loving husband and father to his family and chose to work from home to be closer to his wife Kelly and his children Aubrey, Regan, Jack, and Finn. He passed away in September 2008 after a long battle with melanoma.

Jeff was on both the cross country and track teams during high school, so some friends thought it would be only fitting to hold a Fun Run/Walk in his honor.

“Jeff was a true friend to all of us in every sense of the word,” said Dr. Dustin Bailey, a good friend and classmate of Jeff’s. “Jeff worked hard all his life to earn his own way through his education. I know this may have led him to miss other opportunities in life during this time. The endowment of this scholarship will help many young students achieve their academic dreams, and help provide enough financial relief along the way to occasionally stop and smell the roses.”

Excerpts from student thank you letters

“I am humbled and very grateful that I was selected to receive this scholarship.

I think it is really neat that Jeff had a strong interest in Irish Literature. Our family has deep Irish roots. My grandpa prayed that I would be born on St. Patrick’s Day when he learned my mom was due near that date. And to his great pleasure, I do celebrate my birthday on the Feast of St. Patrick!

What I love about Pius is that not only do you grow in your high school education but also grow in your faith….I am the oldest of five kids. Just like Mr. Dodd, I love school, most everything about it. So, with that in mind, I plan on becoming a teacher so I can help give kids the same experience I have had through my Catholic school years.

I have a strong love for music and theater. I will be involved in the women’s choir at Pius and also plan to do theatre. Just like Mr. Dodd, I love to run! I plan to be involved in track along with softball and basketball at Pius X….

This scholarship has helped my family with tuition costs with it being my first year at Pius X. My siblings also attend Catholic school and this has made our tuition costs more affordable for my parents and our family.

Again, I want to thank you for this scholarship…”

“Thank you so very much for the scholarship. It is truly a blessing to have been chosen to be the recipient.

…I am participating in band, choir, and hopefully soccer this year. I am personally fascinated by the sciences and theology. I love to learn how everything works together and how to make things better, and both subjects help fuel my curiosity.

My parents got divorced when I was eight years old. After that, my mother, my three older sisters and I moved to Lincoln. Since then we have struggled financially with one providing parent taking care of four girls. My older sister…was the only other person in our family to attend Pius X. I am very thankful to have received this scholarship. I wish to make this world a better place and I know that Pius X is the best place to prepare me for that endeavor.”

Jeff Dodd
Fund Purpose/Criteria
Scholarship for all Pius X students
Established in 2008
Students Supported: 10+

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